Sanders was about to answer an audience member on the issue of health care, when an infant started squealing, as babies are often known to do.

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Bernie: Shut Up Baby

“Thank you very much, because it’s not easy getting up in front of a TV camera to talk about this,” Sanders began his response. “Did I hear you correctly say you have to cut your pills in half?”

As the baby got louder, Sanders turned his head to the right, looking right at the little one.

“If we could keep that down a little bit?” Bernie said, pointing in the crying baby’s direction. “OK. Thanks.”


Seriously senator? You told a little baby to pipe down?  Has he never been around kids? Who does this?

Is this the same Bernie who likes to complain that Donald Trump doesn’t care about children?


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Trump’s campaign staff wasted no time in mocking Sanders Wednesday after the awkward exchange

“Sanders not feeling the Bern for kids in the audience yesterday…” Trump campaign official Zack Parkinson tweeted.

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Remember, This Man Wants to Be President of the United States

While liberal Democrats claim to look out for the best interests of everyone through socialist programs, what they purport to care about on paper doesn’t always manifest itself in real life.

There are few things more basically human than a mother with a crying baby. The first thing a child does when it is born is cry. Though the little guy or gal isn’t having much fun, crying babies are generally seen as a beautiful sign of life.

Unless you’re Sen. Sanders, who was more annoyed than charmed.

In the grand scheme of the 2020 election, this is an overall humorous glitch, but perhaps the mother didn’t find it so funny in the moment.

Still, remember Bernie Sanders is the candidate who promises government will take care of us all.

Just don’t annoy him with your crying, baby.