For months, people have been wondering why former Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders (I-VT) failed to file his required financial dislocate forms with the United State Senate. After a heated Democrat primary against Hillary Clinton about income disparity, Sanders seemed to be hiding something. And it didn’t help that his wife is under FBI investigation for a property deal.

Now, Sanders finally has come clean and filed his report. The reason for the delay?

He probably doesn’t want you to know he made $858,000 in book royalties last year.

Bernie Sanders, who owns three houses, is officially a 1-percenter, and he’s keeping all the money:

The disclosure provides new insight into how Sanders’ presidential campaign affected his own personal finances. It was due on May 15, but Sanders failed to file, instead seeking an extension. The book royalties were the most noteworthy new source of income Sanders reported in the election-year filings.

Most of that money, $795,000, comes from Our Revolution: A Future To Believe In, a book Sanders wrote for St. Martin’s Press. Published on Nov. 15, the book included Sanders’ account of the 2016 election. Hardcover copies sold for $27—the average amount contributed to Sanders’ presidential campaign.

Sanders also made 14 stops on a book tour to promote Our Revolution, receiving reimbursement from the publisher for airfare, ground transportation, lodging and meals, the financial disclosure says.

Sanders, a Socialist, also received $63,750 in royalties from “The Bernie Sanders Guide to Political Revolution.” Aimed at a teenage audience, the book hasn’t even hit shelves yet. It’s scheduled for August 29, 2017.

Along with his wife Jane O’Meara Sanders and a family trust, they bought a four-bedroom summer home in Vermont for $600,000 which includes 500 feet of immediate shorefront access to Lake Champlain. He has paid down mortgages on two other million-dollar properties, and he no longer lists a $50,000 Visa credit card bill as a liability.

Sanders doesn’t want his supporters to know that he became exactly the type of self-enriching D.C.-creature he has spent a lifetime campaigning against.

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