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Breaking News: Sanders’ Massive Criminal Fraud… Caught Red Handed!

Bernie Sanders fraud

While more than 147 FBI agents investigate Hillary Clinton, it appears socialist Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) has trouble of his own!

Catholic leaders in Vermont are not happy with Sander’s wife Jane O’Meara Sanders, who may have committed loan fraud while serving as president of Burlington College. They allege that she illegally exaggerated the amount of money the college could raise so she could secure millions for a land deal!

According to a report published Monday morning by Heat Street, the allegations against Jane O’Meara Sanders were laid out in a letter sent by Brady Toensing, vice chair of the Vermont GOP, to the U.S. attorney in January. The claims stem from Sanders’ time as president of Burlington College between 2004 and 2011. Toward the end of her tenure, she secured loans for a $10 million purchase of 32 acres from the Roman Catholic diocese as part of a campus expansion, Heat Street reported.

But according to the report, Sanders at the time claimed the college had more than $2 million in fundraising commitments and pledges. People’s United Bank reportedly extended a $6.7 million tax-exempt loan with this understanding. The diocese reportedly underwrote a nearly $3.7 million loan as well, giving its debt repayment lower priority than the bank’s.

Yet, according to the report, the lofty fundraising pledges did not materialize as planned. According to one local report, the college raised just $279,000 in fiscal 2011. In the end, the diocese reportedly did not receive the full repayment of the loan, losing between $1.6 and $2 million, according to the investigation request.

Via Fox News

No wonder Bernie Sanders is really a millionaire with three homes. He and his his wife have a retirement nest egg worth $2 million, which is why he’s been unwilling to release his tax returns. Not too bad for a guy who didn’t earn a paycheck until age 40, and spent his entire career in government. Wonder why he supports socialism?

This may be the first look that Sanders’ millions of internet fans will have at what their far-left candidate is really all about.

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