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Bernie Sanders Backer Calls DNC The “Ultimate Ponzi Scheme”

One of the unintended consequences of having Donald Trump as president is that Democrats now have a unifying figure. While Democrats still disagree on many issues, they are united in their hatred of President Trump.

It’s a shame that the discord within the Democratic Party isn’t highlighted more. The Bernie Sanders faction is still peeved after their favorite socialist was denied the Democrat nomination thanks to backdoor scheming. The Democratic National Committee (DNC) was caught red-handed tilting the primary contest in Hillary’s favor.

Bernie folks may have forgotten what they learned in Economics 101, but they haven’t forgotten how Hillary’s gal pal Debbie Wasserman Schultz put a knife in their guy’s back.

Well, now supporters of the Vermont senator are getting their revenge. A class-action lawsuit against the DNC is currently underway, alleging that Sanders supporters had their money misspent by the not-so-impartial organization.

Jared Beck, an attorney representing the Bernie supporters, spoke to Breitbart about the lawsuit. Here’s what he said:

“I would think of this as a case against the ultimate political Ponzi scheme. We are used to the concept of Ponzi schemes in the investment world. In my view, the DNC is really no different: it was purporting to be “selling” a fair primary process but in reality was serving as a front for the Hillary Clinton campaign. People lost well over $200 million as a result.”

Wow, $200 million! That’s about the cost of 10 of Hillary’s paid speeches!

Beck went on about the goal of the lawsuit:

“There are two main goals to the litigation: obtaining justice for our clients through whatever legal remedies are available; and having a trial on the issues, so that the public may know the truth of what happened with respect to the 2016 Democratic nominating process.”

H/T Breitbart

This is an issue of interest to both sides of the political aisle. Americans deserve to know the answers about the chicanery involved in the race for the Democrat nomination.

If you remember, the Republican field had over 15 qualified candidates running. But they all got whooped by outsider Donald Trump. And rather than subvert the process and deny Trump the nomination (and ultimately the presidency), the Republican Party pooh-bahs let it play out.

Not so for the Democrats, who pulled every string possible to ensure a Hillary win.

Bernie backers are best not to forget the DNC’s deceit. They should charge full steam ahead with this lawsuit and make the bastards pay.