Barack Obama IS Uniting Americans on THIS! MUST READ!

It’s been seven years and the media proclaimed healer of racial divisions hasn’t delivered yet, actually a majority of Americans feel it’s gotten worse.

A recent U.S. poll indicated America has not entered the post-racial “world of harmony” that so many had envisioned with the election of the country’s first African American president and 10 out of 10 Americans say Obama is the cause. Actually, the latter part I added but I bet a majority of Americans would agree with that.

Before you read further into this story take note, conservatives knew Barack Obama wasn’t going to solve race problems in this country, mainly because it’s the Democrats who create the problems so they are not into fixing themselves or correcting the course of their hate-driven agenda. The lie, the myth, set forth to the people was devised through the national media as they hoisted a half black/half white elected official as the messiah to save all and that’s where their plan went south.


Almost six in 10 Americans, including large majorities of both blacks and whites, say they think current race relations are bad, while nearly four in 10 think race relations in the country are getting worse, according to a New York Times/CBS News poll conducted last week.

Shortly after Barack Obama’s election, two-thirds of Americans said they thought the country’s race relations were “generally good.”

In 2008, during Obama’s first presidential campaign, almost 60 percent of African Americans described race relations as “generally bad.” That number was reduced by half right after his election. Now, however, 68 percent of African Americans say they think relations are bad.

The report on the poll in The New York Times says this is the “highest level of discontent among blacks during the Obama years and close to the numbers recorded in the aftermath of the riots that followed the 1992 acquittal of Los Angeles police officers charged in the beating of Rodney King.”


The NYT/CBS poll comes in the aftermath of mass media pushing false narratives that caused highly heated demonstrations following a number of killings. Killings of black men at the hands of white and black police officers, the killing of Bible study group members in an AME church in Charleston, South Carolina by a young, white man, and also the infusion of hatred groups like the New Black Panther Party. And media race-baiters such as Al Sharpton and Eric Holder haven’t helped either.

Democratic leaders and mainstream media always talk about wanting to have a conversation on race but that’s just it, they want a conversation. You rarely ever hear that they want to “talk solutions.” Let me also say this so I am very clear, America is not racist, but we do have segments of sick racists living here trying to stir things up. That’s why the majority of Americans feel the country has declined since King Obama took his so-called throne.

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H/T: New York Times/CBS News poll

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