AWWW! Our 5 Favorite Heroic Animal Stories from the Past Year



Not only are pets man’s best friend, they can also be man’s best protector. Here are the top 5 bravest pets that heroically came to the defense of their owners this year:


5. What Happened When Two Brave Bulldogs Met a Black Bear in a Suburban Backyard?

On a quiet day in New Hampshire, a large black bear wanders into a backyard. A frightening scenario, indeed.

Then, two bulldogs race out to confront the intruder.


4. Feel the Joy as Dog and Marine Reunite after 4 Long Years

Former U.S. Marine Corps veteran Sergeant Deano Miller reunited with his military dog Thor four years after returning from serving in Afghanistan.


3. Wow! You Won’t Believe How This Heroic Kitty Saves the Day!

Watch closely at what happens after a dog tries to hurt a young innocent boy in Modesto, California.


2. HERO: Brave Family Dog Takes a Bullet to Protect the Children He Loved

“They hit the back of his car (with bullets),” said the victim, who was uninjured. “The dog, I guess, jumped in front of the bullet to save one of the children and the wife.”


1. Video: Dog Saves Soldier’s Life

While serving in Afghanistan, [Staff Sgt. Julian] McDonald sent Layka [a bomb-sniffing German Shepard] into a building where she was shot four times point-blank by enemy forces. Though the resilient pup was severely injured, she managed to still subdue the shooter, protecting her handler and the other servicemen involved in the mission, National Geographic reported.

Do you agree with this Top 5 List? Which animal did you think deserved to be #1? Join the discussion at the bottom of the page!

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