AWESOME! Find Out How Popular Christian Football Star is Making a Comeback!

tim tebow

Get excited! Tebow Time might be coming back again soon!

Twitter exploded upon the news that NFL quarterback Tim Tebow worked out with the Philadelphia Eagles on Monday:

While he is still without a team, the workout is big news as the last time Tebow was signed with an NFL team was in August 2013 with the New England Patriots.

His quarterback skills may be questionable, but Tim Tebow’s character is beyond reproach; which would be a breath of fresh air for a league plagued by several off-field scandals recently.

The outspoken Christian is a fan favorite (though very controversial with liberals who don’t appreciate his public displays of faith and conservative values) and inspired the worldwide trend “Tebowing” wherein people mimic his signature pose: down on one knee, head bowed in prayer. While other college athletes wrote area codes on their eye black, Tebow wrote scripture verses. And, after a string of improbable wins with incredible finishes (aka “Tebow Time”) led the Denver Broncos to a playoff win in the 2011-2012 season, he had even the biggest skeptics beginning to believe in miracles.

There are plenty of Tebow haters out there, but you gotta admit: the NFL is a more exciting place with Tebow in it!


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