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Wayne is a freelance writer who was named the 2015 American Conservative Union Blogger of the Year and awarded the 2014 Podcast Of the Year; Best in Show. He has over 160K followers on Twitter (@WayneDupreeShow) and over 300K followers on Facebook (@WayneDupreeShow). In 2016, he was named one of the Top 50 Most Influential African-American Republicans by Newsmax.

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Did you ever realize how most Republicans would sit there and take Democrat punches while President Trump punches back. I love this guy! Trump and the White House are sending […]

As long as New York and California promote open borders and sanctuary cities/states, why should the federal government invest anything there? So Maxine Waters and Kamala Harris have found the […]

Whether you know it or not, an estimated 40 percent of Republican members of Congress have left office since President Trump won the 2016 general election. Of all places, I […]

Of all the people to weigh in on this subject, former Sen. Jeff Flake is bopping on podcast interviews claiming that he figures 35 ‘Republican’ Senators would vote for impeaching […]

Pope Francis says ‘Building Walls Means Condemning Yourself to Death.’ Is that a biblical idea? If so, I would like to know the book, chapter, and verse. The Holy Leader […]

Tom Homan, former Director of Immigration and Customs Enforcement didn’t hold back his emotions when he challenged Democratic lawmakers that pressed him about migrant detention at a House Judiciary Committee […]

Rep. Nancy Pelosi responded to a question about what type of advice would she give to the White House in regards to cooperating with the House Intelligence Committee. Her response […]

Fox News was given information late Tuesday that the Trump administration plans to release a document showing the intelligence community Inspector General (IG) found the unnamed whistleblower who leveled explosive […]

new yorker chick fil a

Democrats love to hate Chick-fil-A, a restaurant chain that not only has fabulous food but has managed to win the hearts and minds of Christian conservatives around the world for […]

illegal immigration cost

Over 125 border crossing families, including children, are suing the United States government, specifically the Trump administration. These illegal migrants claim that the Trump administration violated their rights as asylum-seekers […]

payroll tax cut

Nancy Pelosi’s nephew, the governor of California, is going to be hurting for a while when he gets the news that a federal judge has temporarily blocked a bill that […]

The House Judiciary Committee hearing started their impeachment inquiry hearing today and Corey Lewandowski was the first on the hot seat. Let’s put this out there for most of you that […]