Author Stephen King Says Putin’s In Trouble Now Because He’s ‘No Longer Dealing With Trump’

Author Stephen King Portrays Biden As Tough Guy On Social Media, Gets Roasted By Critics
King: Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0) Stephanie Lawton 11/12/11

For millions of people all over the world, when they want to get comfy and curl up with a good book, they reach for the latest thriller from author Stephen King.

King is an amazingly talented author with nearly 100 novels and short story novellas to his credit – and he rockets to the top of the bestseller list every time.

But literature is clearly King’s strong suit.

King was absolutely roasted after he attempted to portray President Biden as some sort of tough guy that Vladimir Putin made a huge mistake tangling with – as opposed to Donald Trump, of course.

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For The Right, Hilarity Ensues

For those who disagreed with King, well they had questions and comments for sure. Some posited reasons why Vladimir Putin should be shaking in his boots.

Human Events host Jack Posobiec pointed out one big advantage the United States has over Russia.

Some took King’s vapid statement as a challenge.

And some conceded that King’s vast experience in the world of fiction may have led to his conclusions about Joe Biden.

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Getting Creative

For some who did not see things King’s way, they realize that they definitely do not have a way with words that Stephen King does to tell a story. So they used pictures to get their points across.

A few admitted that, while they might not understand all the nuances of the situation, they admired King’s commitment to his point of view.

Others brought attention to every day things a multimillionaire like King might not have to deal with.

The hot topic seemed to be Joe Biden’s competence, or the lack of it that perhaps King failed to pick up on.

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King Got Support From Loyal Fans

While those on the right had fun with King’s nonsensical tweet, there were plenty on the left that agreed with him.

The left just can’t seem to quit that ol’ Russia collusion and “Trump was a Russian….!” Feel free to fill in the blank with words like spy, stooge, puppet, or asset.

Other made sure to blame Republicans for the present situation. 

In all fairness, it is unclear as to whether the Babylon Bee has undercover tweeters or someone living in the same fictional world as folks like Stephen King.

Still others thought the rest of the world should go on notice that Joe Biden is no Corn-Pop… He’s a bad man!

When someone else tried to warn Putin that “there’s a new sheriff in town,” and he doesn’t have Donald Trump to kick around anymore, well, the response was better than the original.

All kidding aside, the chilling reality is that the rest of the world, including our enemies like Vladimir Putin do not see what Stephen King sees, they see this.

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