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At Least 15 Jail Workers Subpoenaed After Epstein’s Apparent Suicide: Report

Shelby Talcott on August 23, 2019

Around 15 jail workers have been subpoenaed following Jeffrey Epstein’s apparent suicide while in a Manhattan jail August 10, according to a prison official.

Multiple inquires have been opened into accused child sex trafficker Epstein’s death. U.S. Attorney General William Barr cited “serious irregularities” at the facility holding Epstein, the New York Times reported.

The specific roles of the subpoenaed employees are not known, according to the NYT. Barr noted Wednesday that there have been delays with the investigation “because a number of the witnesses were not cooperative.” Epstein was allegedly not checked on for about three hours the night he died.

Two employees accused of sleeping on the job and falsifying records at the jail where Epstein was held have already been placed on administrative leave, and the warden of the jail has been reassigned. The subpoenas are an attempt to get testimony from jail employees and are part of an inquiry from FBI prosecutors and investigators from NY’s Department of Justice’s inspector general, a person with knowledge of the investigation said according to the NYT.

Eric Young, the president of the union that represents federal prison workers, hit back at Barr’s comment that workers were not cooperating with ongoing investigations into Epstein’s death.

“The Justice Department would like employees to waive away their minimum constitutional right to representation,” Young said Thursday, the NYT reported. “That’s what they consider to be a cooperative employee.”

The multimillionaire had powerful friends, some of whom have become wrapped up in sex trafficking allegations. Prince Andrew is one of the people accused of having sex with minors through Epstein, but has denied the allegations.

Epstein’s death was ruled a suicide by the New York City medical examiner Aug. 16.

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  • WHO gives a crap how he died! Still think he was going to implicate the Clintons! Quit wasting money on a "Fruit Cake Demonrap" & spend his estate on our national debt!

  • Only way to find out how the creepy pedophile died, would be to water board bill and dillary clinton. Tough old broad would probably get off on the water board.

  • Maybe years ago when people were more honest, one could count on them breaking down and telling the truth even if it got them in trouble, but don't count on it now, not with the Deep State threatening them and their families to keep their mouths shut or else. Face it, one can't make anyone TELL the TRUTH. It is always left up to the individual who is testifying as to what they will say. H*LL, even the FBI has faulty memory when they are in front of Congress. Does one really think a bunch of jail cell officers will do any better?

  • Commie News Network (CNN) reports that a draft of a "jail death report" leaked to them the day before Epstein's body was found said; "subject was found with 9 bullet holes in his body and a fully loaded six shot revolver in his left hand. In addition subject had stabbed himself repeatedly with a blade which could not be found at the scene". Finally "subject strangled himself with his own hands until dead". A NYC coroner stated that "he hasn't seen such a case since last month when this same victim attempted to strangle himself without success". Reportedly, the victim left a suicide note in his own blood on the floor of his cell in which he stated he did this himself because he felt regret for all the harm he did by lying about his democrat politician friends.

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