There are two kinds of racists in America today: racists, and anti-racists.

The only real difference between the two is that the latter believes they are incapable of being racist. And on that note, meet Ashleigh Shackelford, a Black Lives Matter organizer and self-described “writer, cultural producer, and artist.”

In a video posted to her public Twitter and Facebook pages that has since been deleted, she posted a clip from a lecture on white privilege she was giving to an audience of mostly white people. The lecture took place at the far-left Netroots 2017 conference.

She prefaced her speech by “informing” her audience that they’re not human, and will be racist no matter what they do.

In her original posts, she included links to her Paypal account so that white people could pay her “reparations.”

While she initially received overwhelmingly positive feedback from her fellow social justice warrior kooks, she quickly removed the offending video after sane America began to view it, and respond with anger.

Among those in sane America was Paypal, which has since disabled her reparations fund.

She deserved having her Paypal account removed. We don’t need this kind of racial hatred in America.

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