I’ve heard the theory that the fall of the Soviet Union was caused by the waste of resources inherent in policing people that did not need to be policed.

They ended up with a bunch of people standing around waiting for someone that didn’t know what they were talking about to tell them what to do. That is a very accurate description of the Progressives.

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They want to control the climate, but they don’t know how to clean the filth off the streets. They want to control health care, but they put coronavirus patients in nursing homes. They are incompetent morons with delusions of omnipotence.

Today, in the United States, we have one party that is actually communist. They want to rule completely, destroying the Constitution. It’s amazing how many people swallow tyranny hook, line, and sinker. They are totally exposed during this academic.


Conservatives believe in the American Revolution and the concept of freedom. Liberals believe in the French Revolution and the concept of equality. Freedom allows smart people with the ability to prosper while equality requires stealing from the rich to give to the poor. Freedom and equality are mutually incompatible.

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It could be time for the people to harken back to our mandate and once again do our duty for ourselves and posterity. And how exactly do we do this? With the vote?

I would argue that Americans are, by nature, very tolerant people and that our tolerance, evolved to apathy is galactically difficult if not impossible to reverse at this late date except by very extraordinary means. What is ‘our duty’?


The Constitution, in which Americanism is defined, is violently antithetical to the leftist Democrat communist doctrine yet – monumentally important – it protects them in their push to destroy it while providing less and less protection for Americans. They interpret and employ our constitution as a suicide pact. How do we address this? By voting?

We have allowed them to usurp our public education system and indoctrinate our young for decades. We permit them to undermine our government agencies with impunity. We permit them to declare and practice non-compliance with federal law, with impunity. The ‘rule-of-law’ has been redefined, with impunity.

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So what is our duty, exactly? Given the foregoing, the utter absence of prosecution of enemies of the country, I for one, am feeling that my vote is a weapon that is being turned on me.

But don’t let me rain on the parade. That is why you must continue to vote. The revolution will come, sooner or later.


A very serious mistake Americans make is to assume the U.S.’s version of totalitarianism is going to look like that of the old U.S.S.R., Cuba’s, North Korea’s, or Vietnam’s. America will have its own version because of that pesky document we call the United States Constitution. America will reach a totalitarian state through Antonio Gramsci’s long march through the intuitions — “fundamental transformation” — of the culture.

Subverting our intuitional values, and indoctrination of the next generation is the strategy.

Media disinformation, entertainment propaganda, and the suppression of free speech and truth are the tactics. How can this be done in America when the U.S. Constitution is our founding document that protects our freedoms from an oppressive government?

The answer is to delegate violations of these fundamental rights to the private sector. Google, Facebook, Twitter, Netflix, YouTube, and all social media platforms. These privately-owned companies can do to suppression of free speech, brainwashing, and forming public opinion what the government could never legally do, but to the same effect.