Ariana Grande Would Rather Make Less Money and Speak Out Against Trump

Pop star Ariana Grande, whose net worth is estimated to be at about $50 million, said she’d “rather sell fewer records” than not speak out about “some f***ery” in the era of Trump.

In an interview with Vogue, Grande is profiled as very critical of the President, willing to voice her opposition as an anti-gun, anti-religious freedom, and anti-Trump superstar.

And she’s willing to sacrifice her success to hammer home the resistance message in these trying times.

“I would rather sell fewer records and be outspoken about what I think is some f***ery than sell more records and be … Switzerland,” the ‘Bang Bang’ singer explained.

“Am I allowed to say that? I love Switzerland,” she continued. “The fake wokes are waiting to attack!”

Fake Wokes and Bravery

The ‘fake wokes’ are a wholly owned industry of the left, dear.

Being a Hollywood and entertainment industry icon, you can probably just look around and find a ton of them cavorting around you. They’ll be the ones telling you how ‘brave’ you are for standing up to Trump when in reality, you’re surrounded by a horde of like-minded resistance fighters.


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Vogue described Grande as “passionately anti–Donald Trump at a time when many of her peers have chosen to remain silent about politics lest they alienate a segment of their fan base.”


Sure – Eminem, Snoop Dogg, Joy Behar, Lebron James, John Legend, and Chrissy Teigen have all been very tight-lipped about the President, lest they anger their audiences. ?

So brave!

Grande recently penned a letter to fans explaining why she was seen crying onstage at a concert.

Past Anti-Trump Comments

Grande has a very rich history of making anti-Trump comments and we’re pretty sure, despite being portrayed as willing to sacrifice her career, her record sales have done just fine.

In her “Thank U, Next” music video, the singer is seen reading – and we use the term loosely – a book titled, Immigration and Refugee Law and Policy. Her mother later confirmed that it was meant as a direct insult to the President.

In the days after Trump’s election in 2016, Grande did as most Hillary supporters have, celebrating their participation trophy known as the popular vote.

“It restores my hope a little bit that this is what our generation’s vote looked like. It says to me that better times are coming … we just have to stick together right now,” she said.

“Let’s please be active and vocal every day toward making each other feel accepted and loved for our differences. Not just on election day. Please. It’s the only way we will be able to get through what could possibly be a very dark few years.”

“I am in tears,” she wrote after Trump’s victory.

All this anti-Trump f***ery should come as no surprise. Grande is, after all, the same woman who flat-out said, “I hate America.”

“What the **** is that?” she was caught saying at a doughnut shop in California after she licked the doughnuts. “I hate Americans. I hate America.”

And she said that well before Trump was on the scene. No wonder she’s crying and cursing out the President these days. He actually loves America.

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