Antifa Thugs Threaten to Murder the President, Vow Violence Over and Over Again

Antifa threatens Trump

Antifa-led counter-protesters at the so-called “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville, Virginia Sunday, were captured on video repeatedly threatening violence against President Trump, with one even saying “I would murder him.”

Daily Caller reporter Benny Johnson documented the Antifa responses, noting that violence exists on both extreme sides of the political aisle.

Aside from the blatant murder threat, other Antifa goons at the rally promised to “beat (the President’s) a**,” “f*** him up,” and provided a more subtle threat of assassination by saying the group would “have to do him like Gaddafi.”

A good portion of the road warriors wore masks while they spoke, a tactic implemented by Antifa members who have no desire for their Mom to discover what they’ve been up to while living in her basement.

You absolutely have to love that initial clip in which one gentleman responds to his friend’s threat to murder the President by saying he’d one-up him by making Trump clean toilets.

Yea, cause he ‘don’t know how to f***ing clean … he needs to learn.’

Sick burn, bro.

Johnson tweeted that he had simply asked one question of the far-left radical group: “If Donald Trump showed up here, what would you say or do?”

“Over half-dozen progressives voluntarily told me they would kill Trump,” he claimed.

Johnson reported that all of those comments were made within one hour of interviewing people.

Simply stunning. So stunning that the media will be covering the story 24/7 this week, correct?

Actually no, the media will just ignore the violence being stirred up by this domestic terrorist group.

In fact, on Saturday night, an NBC News crew reporting on the counterprotests was physically assaulted by members of the group and their very own network downplayed the incident as ‘heckling.’

“Overnight, tense moments in the streets of Charlottesville, Virginia, far left protesters heckling the media and chanting anti-police slogans,” NBC reported, according to NewsBusters.

They didn’t include video of the Antifa member slamming a camera into the face of their reporter while calling him a “snitch a** news b****.”

Now close your eyes and imagine that footage was from a Tea Party rally in say, 2010. Why is the media so petrified of reporting on these Antifa squirrels who pose as wannabe gangsters?

And let’s not forget that none of this violence and rhetoric is surprising. Antifa has a long history of making threats and acting upon them. (RELATED: Antifa Knocks 56-Year-Old Man Unconscious While Leaving Pro-Trump Party.)

It’s almost as if the group of violent vagrants feels empowered the flout the law and use force to silence those who disagree with them because they have the support of certain political leaders on one side of the aisle. *cough* *cough* *cough* Hillary Clinton….*couch*. (RELATED: Report: Hillary Clinton Gave $800K To Fund Antifa Groups.)

Antifa’s violent rhetoric has gotten so out-of-control that conservatives are demanding President Trump label them a terrorist organization.

If the press and Democrats truly cared about vitriolic language tearing our country apart, they wouldn’t elide hard coverage of their dangerous antics. Instead, we’re presented with footage of Antifa thugs beating up protesters and threatening to kill the President of the United States like it’s some kind of anomaly and not a common trend among the leftist group.

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