Antifa Attempts Attack on Lauren Southern – Fails Miserably

Antifa Lauren Southern

The Canadian-born Conservative activist Lauren Southern is on tour in Australia. In a video posted to YouTube promoting her visit, Southern said Australians are “at a crossroads.” She asks “Do you want to retain your culture, do you want to retain your borders, family, identity.” As you’d expect, her tour will focus mainly on immigration and multiculturalism.

The 23-year-old commentator rose to popularity almost exclusively online, working for the right-wing group Rebel Media before pursuing an independent career funded by fan donations, posting her own reports to her YouTube channel that boasts nearly 800,000 subscribers. The cost to see Southern speak in Australia starts at $79 a seat and goes up from there, but it’s clear that she didn’t have much trouble filling an auditorium despite the cost.

Australian media billed her as an “alt-right” activist coming to Australia, which predictably led to Antifa groups planning massive protests against her talks.

While Antifa stands for “anti-fascist,” when you judge the group by their actions, “Fascists Against Fascism” is a more fitting title. In fact, the group seems to consider the Right of Joseph Stalin a “Nazi,” so Southern would’ve attracted Antifa protests regardless of the media’s characterization of her. Antifa isn’t an actual “group” itself but is a loosely connected conglomerate of left-wing agitators and militias that all share the same underlying ideology of insanity. The group often attempts to engage in violence, which usually doesn’t end well for them, given the average Antifa member seems to have the build of a pre-pubescent teenager.

Surprisingly, Australian Antifa is somehow even less effective than their useless counterparts in America. According to the Daily Wire, an Antifa protester attempted to rush the stage and attack Southern last night but didn’t make it more than a few feet. “The aggressor, later identified as Nita Habibi, is seen in captured video footage (seen below) being restrained by security guards and removed from the venue while repeatedly shouting ‘I love refugees’ and ‘I love Muslims.'” To Habibi, I imagine this is the equivalent of shouting “I’m such a good person!”

In an issued statement, Habibi claimed Southern “spouts an extremely Islamophobic rhetoric that is nothing short of hate speech. She is a dangerous individual whose false views on Muslims stir up polarization and violence. We have come here tonight to peacefully object to the promotion of hate.” The “we” included at least four other protestors that made it into the event – and hundreds of others that protested outside. At least one outside protester was arrested by police, and paper spray was deployed.

You can watch footage of the attempted attack below:

Why is it always the Left on the (physical) attack, while the Right engages with ideas? Perhaps it’s because, in the battle of ideas, we’ve already won. (RELATED: Antifa Knocks 56-Year-Old Man Unconscious While Leaving Pro-Trump Party).

Antifa didn’t change a single mind last night, but when Southern’s speech is uploaded to YouTube, it’ll rack up hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of views. Certainly, that will change minds. And ironically, the press coverage that Antifa granted Lauren with their spectacular fail of a protest will drive even more views.

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