Anti-War Heckler Disrupts Hillary Clinton Speech At Institute Of Global Politics Forum

Hillary Clinton got lambasted by a heckler who took issue at her and President Biden's "incredible hypocrisy" during a discussion on human rights at Columbia University.
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Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton got lambasted by a heckler who took issue with her and President Joe Biden’s “incredible hypocrisy” during a discussion on human rights at Columbia University.

Clinton was announced by Columbia University President Lee C. Bollinger as having been appointed as Professor of Practice at the School of International and Public Affairs (SIPA) at the beginning of the year.

On Monday, SIPA held an event known as the “Making Human Rights Come Alive: The UDHR at 75,” which was moderated by Clinton, to discuss the 75th Anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Roughly 35 minutes into the discussion, a young man stood up and began shouting, prompting the two-time presidential loser to shriek for him to “sit down!”

“The hypocrisy of this speech, the hypocrisy of the fact … Can you please make a statement about President Joe Biden’s speech?” he challenged.

The heckler referred to Biden’s public request for $106 billion in funding to Ukraine and Israel as a “war-mongering speech.”

“President Joe Biden is calling for $100 billion of funding for Israel, Taiwan, and Ukraine, and we’re supposed to just bundle these together and pretend like we’re going to rush to World War III,” the irate man continued.

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Heckler Loses it On Hillary Clinton

PSA for the heckler – Sir, please, if you’re going to interrupt a Clinton, preface it with a declaration that you are not, and never have been suicidal.

Gotta protect yourself, right?!

Clinton tried her best to talk over the heckler, but he wasn’t about to be swayed, citing his right to “free speech.”

“This is free speech! Everyone has everything,” he insisted.

Referencing the propaganda coming out of the White House, the heckler countered that it does not amount to free speech at all.

“This is people constructing narratives that are openly hypocritical. I’m sorry,” he said.

Clinton claimed that she’d be happy to have a conversation with the man following the forum, but he was rather skeptical of her sincerity on the matter.

“Respectfully, I do not believe you,” he replied. “Fact of the matter is the American people’s voice is what needs to be heard.”

“Our President is not speaking for the American people and neither are you!” he continued.

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Columbia Cuts Exchange Out Of Their Video

Video of the human rights forum is posted to the Columbia SIPA YouTube channel, but oddly has the entire exchange with the heckler edited out.

One can bring up the transcript and see the comments made by both Clinton and the heckler, but at the 34:50 mark of the video, there is an obvious cut in the stream.

An American University trying to silence a protester speaking out against ongoing wars? Whatever happened to the peaceniks that used to run such institutions of higher learning?

“What I have done is asked Hillary Rodham Clinton to denounce the president’s openly warmongering, suicidal, idiotic speech,” the heckler told the crowd in attendance.

Clinton responded, “And I have given my answer. I will not do that, so that’s the end of our conversation.”

And there it is. She supports the war-mongering idiocy, wholeheartedly.

Mediaite reports that Clinton demanded that the heckler “be removed from the auditorium” while promising to meet him after the event. There is no confirmation she followed through on that promise.

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