Another Obama Official BUSTED Using Personal Email For National DEFENSE!

Ash Carter

On Wednesday, the Pentagon that admitted Ash Carter, Obama’s Defense Secretary, used his personal email account to conduct Defense Department business during his first months on the job earlier this year.

What’s amazing is that the left completely ignores facts any time one of their own gets in hot water.

Hillary has a private email server, uses it to do State Department business, tries to downplay and emphatically state nothing was classified – she fires a subordinate for doing the exact same thing with a private email server, and now you have another Obama doofus doing the same thing with personal email addresses.

But they will go to their graves insisting Hillary did absolutely nothing wrong, and now Carter’s name is thrown in the mix.

According to Fox News:

Carter also acknowledged the move was a mistake in an interview with CBS’ “This Morning” on Thursday. He said he occasionally used his iPhone to send messages to immediate staff, but stressed no classified information was involved.

The Times reported that Carter was assigned a government email account when he assumed his office in February, but continued to conduct most of his business on his private account, often sending messages via his iPhone or iPad. According to the paper, a former aide to Carter said that his boss used his personal account so often during that period that staffers feared he would be hacked.

The Times report comes in the midst of an FBI investigation into whether Hillary Clinton mishandled classified information by using a private account for all her emails while secretary of state. According to the Times, Carter continued to use his personal email at least two months after Clinton’s practices were revealed in March.

Democrat leadership has failed this country, and it is showing in the polls. Hillary probably could not win dog catcher about now.

Sec. Carter, do the right thing: resign your position for your “mistakes.” But then the left does not know the meaning of the right thing.

H/T: Fox News

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