Ann Coulter: Every Liberal Cause Is Based on a Lie

Ann Coulter wrote an op-ed at the Daily Caller which absolutely skewers the left for their latest cause, hatred of Indiana’s Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA).

From the onset, as only Coulter can, the sarcastic barbs are hurled at far-left lunatics who have been distorting the religious freedom law.

She refers to the new controversy in liberal circles as another in “a steady stream of manufactured events.”

This particular ‘manufactured event’ has liberals claiming that “a law protecting religious freedom will lead to separate water fountains for gays in Indiana.”

It’s not the first time of course, that liberals have gotten all worked up over something completely non-existent. The recent gang-rape hoax at the University of Virginia, Lena Dunham’s rape claims, and police brutality are all spotlighted by Coulter.

The latter gains extra scrutiny, as the ‘Hands Up, Don’t Shoot’ story coming from Ferguson was completely debunked.

“Many months, several million wasted taxpayer dollars and one cop’s career later,” Coulter writes, “Even Eric Holder’s Justice Department finally admitted that the whole ‘Hands Up, Don’t Shoot’ story was bunk.”

Coulter then goes on to skewer every major liberal cause today as based on a lie:

… why do we have to treat liberal fantasists in the media as if they’re children, too? Believing there’s a monster under the bed is cute. Falsely accusing cops of murder, men of rape and an entire state of homophobia is not.

Every single cause championed by liberals is based on a fake story. They make up events that didn’t happen and get apoplectic over things that never will happen. The definition of “liberal” is quickly becoming: people who believe their fantasies should be facts.

Another good point addressed is that after each of these lies is revealed, the liberal media, after spending weeks and months whipping up their base into a frenzy over those lies, barely reports on the truth afterward.

Coulter has struck a nerve and revealed the reality behind the liberal mindset. The left lies, swears to it, then quietly moves on to the next false crisis.

What do you think of Coulter’s op-ed? Is she accurate in saying every major liberal cause is based on a lie? Tell us your thoughts below.

Rusty Weiss

Rusty Weiss is a freelance writer focusing on the conservative movement and its political agenda. He has been following and analyzing the political climate for several years, and his writings have appeared in the Daily Caller, FoxNews.com and more.

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  • It is the same technique used by socialist before. You may remember them, the National Socialist Party; more commonly known as the Nazi's and the Big Lie.

  • So great to see this from Ann Coulter. The liberals done this for years and most of the time no one calls them on it.

  • I like Ms. Coulter. Notwithstanding she's quite a beautiful woman, she is prone to overstate issues as she does in this piece. Further, she states "The definition of 'liberal' is quickly becoming people who believe their fantasies should be facts."
    It seems to me that this fits more nearly the definition of religious folks rather than liberals. Ann (may I call you that?), your outrageous remarks sometimes even rankle a conservative.

  • The best part of the Liberal Left as in the Hands Up Don't shoot, the leftist polititions in Washington DC stood on the stairs of Congress and protested with their hands up and some even inside congress before they had their time, they would start out with their hands up. Will any of them admit it was all based on a lie? even Obama spread the story of a young black man with his hands up, was shot by a WHITE police officer was a lie, now Holder says he did not have his hands up and CNN CNBC and MSNBC does not report Holders findings. And the Pathetic people who believe this crap from students to Universities postponing exams so students can protest and march. ALL BULL CRAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • So trueL____"… why do we have to treat liberal fantasists in the media as if they’re children, too? Believing there’s a monster under the bed is cute. Falsely accusing cops of murder, men of rape and an entire state of homophobia is not."
    Cecily, it is beyond comprehension how this day in age with so much information at your fingertips people can still be so ignorant. Liberals must have a screw loose in their brain that prevents them from seeing the truth. All liberals need reeducation; they are bringing our America to ruin.

  • I think Ann Coulter hit the nail right on the head as I think that someone did the same to Cecily ! When will all us Patriotic American Christians start standing up for God, Country , and the American family culture ! Finally I think Ann is right about liberals as a whole have the mindset and behavior of a child, and a spoiled one at that!

  • Judith, Let me guess. You don't trust President Bush -- and most of the world's intelligence agencies -- when he said Iraq had MD, but I bet you believe every word that Hillary said about turning over her e-mails. Am I wrong?

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