By now, most Americans have likely heard about the ongoing battle between Ann Coulter and U.C. Berkeley. Far-left anti-free speech activists on campus threatened violence if Ann Coulter spoke on campus, forcing the conservative commentator’s speech to be abruptly cancelled due to public safety concerns.

Liberals at Berkeley hurled vicious insults at Coulter, calling her a “fascist” and a promoter of “hate speech” but in reality they couldn’t handle anyone who shares an opinion that was contrary to there’s appearing on their campus.

While the left has been vocal in their opposition to Ms. Coulter, on Thursday hundreds of conservatives flooded Berkeley, California, protesting the anti-free speech leftists that prevented Coulter’s speech.

From Fox 5:

Hundreds of people waving American flags and chanting “USA” held a raucous rally Thursday at a park in Berkeley – home of the free speech movement – to protest a canceled appearance by conservative commentator Ann Coulter, but the expected violence did not materialize.

Scores of officers in riot gear lined up in preparation for possible violence between supporters and opponents of Coulter, but there were no major confrontations, largely because members of an anti-fascist group did not show up in force.

Coulter did not appear at the rally or show up at the University of California, Berkeley despite hinting that she might “swing by to say hello” to her supporters. Coulter had said she was forced to cancel a speaking engagement at the school. University officials said they had been unable to find a suitable and safe spot for her to speak, and offered a May 2 date.

For all of their supposed tough talk, when push came to shove, the left couldn’t be bothered to show up to protest Ann Coulter on Thursday, but her supporters showed up in force, to stand with Coulter and the right to free speech.

On Thursday’s Tucker Carlson Tonight Coulter reacted to the supposed violence that would emerge if she appeared at Berkeley:

It’s unfortunate that Coulter was unable to speak at Berkeley but liberals should realize that their actions have dangerous consequences. By refusing to allow someone they disagree with to speak on their campus the left will be ill-prepared for the real world. While the left looked like petulant babies, conservatives showed up, and made it known that they stood with Ann Coulter and will not be intimidated by those who seek to silence conservative free-speech.

Do you support Ann Coulter? Should she have been able to speak at Berkeley? Share your thoughts below!