America’s Favorite Sheriff Has Some Important Advice For Black Lives Matter


Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke has a free gift for any Black Lives Matter activists should they accept it. It’s a t-shirt, which not only serves as a fashionable gift, but also provides some very handy advice on how to live life.

“Don’t. Resist. Arrest.”

Think this will tick off any Black Lives Matter rioters?

Clarke took to social media and wrote: “Sheriff Clarke’s campaign to reduce use of force by law enforcement officers. Free for Black LIES Matter members.”

Check it out …

Most of his followers supported the sheriff’s efforts:


While this Twitter follower offered an alternative message:

Via IJ Review:

In September 2015, Sheriff Clarke said that BLM is “based on a false narrative,” and he called out the movement as “phony,” telling CBS affiliate WANE:

“I started watching people who were gathered at these rallies under this hands up don’t shoot and I can’t breathe. The bastard child of that was the Black Lives Matter movement…

This is an anarchist movement. And the purpose of this anarchist movement, just like in the ’60s, is to weaken the institution of policing because we’re the ones that stand up for the rule of law.”

Most recently, David Clarke made the news when he called out GOP presidential candidate and Ohio governor John Kasich for disparaging comments that he made about a police officer during a 2008 traffic stop.

Clarke is dead on here – while slogans such as ‘hands up don’t shoot’ and ‘I can’t breathe’ make nice bumper sticker rhetoric, it hides the fact that both men in those cases would still be alive had they not resisted arrest.

Perhaps President Obama would like one of these t-shirts, since according to Clarke, he helped enable and embolden the BLM crowd.

“President Obama has breathed life into this ugly movement,” Clarke once remarked.

The sheriff has also offered advice on the real problem.

“If there’s anything that needs to be straightened out in this country, it is the subculture that has risen out of the under-class in the American ghetto,” Clarke has said. “Fix the ghetto, and you will see a lesser need for assertive police officers or policing in these areas, and then you’ll see less confrontation. Stop trying to fix the police. Fix the ghetto.”

Maybe these shirts will become a must have item in these areas.

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