George Soros’s Son Alexander Now A Bigger Democrat Donor Than Him

Alexander Soros donor

For as much as liberals love to bemoan the influence of money in politics, they don’t seem to mind much when it’s to their benefit. Hedge fund billionaire George Soros immediately comes to everyone’s mind when you bring up big-pocketed donors, and for good reason.

Over the decades, the man has donated hundreds of millions of dollars to hundreds of left-wing causes, including a $6 million check to Hillary Clinton during the last election cycle. That’s a large chunk of change, but much smaller than the $27 million he spent in 2004 trying to doom George W. Bush’s re-election efforts. It must be painful to know that he literally could’ve set $27 million on fire and it would’ve had the same end result. Even more hilariously, his $6 million bet on Hillary had a negative return on investment, as his hedge fund had investment positions that would’ve paid out had Hillary won. His fund shed $1 billion in value in the weeks following the election.

The man is now 87-years-old, and while it’s unlikely he’ll ever recover his losses, he only has a few years of life left. When he passes, his funding will live on – because if his son is any indication, donating to left-wing causes is a family tradition.

According to the Washington Free Beacon, Alexander Soros, the billionaire donors millionaire son, is already outpacing his father in federal political contributions to the current election cycle.

Back in April, Alexander gave $33,900 to the DNC, the maximum amount that can be donated to a national party in a 365-day period. He also wrote checks “to failed Georgia Democratic congressional candidate Jon Ossoff,” and additionally “Sens. Claire McCaskill (D., Mo.), Jon Tester (D., Mont.), Maria Cantwell (D., Wash.), and Chris Murphy (D., Conn.).”

In addition to the $33.9k DNC donation, he also gave $101,700 to the DNC’s “building account” back in July.

In total, he’s donated $152,000 this year in federal contributions, while his father has made “only” $114,000. Obviously the figures would (or will) be larger in more active political environemnts, such as the 2018 congressional elections, and 2020 presidential election.

When George kicks the bucket, Alexander will inherit a large chunk of his fortune, currently standing at roughly $25 billion, and we can expect to see him use that wealth to continue his time-honored family tradition of pulling the strings on the American political system behind our backs.

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