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Alaska Congressman Head-Butts Left-Wing Activists’ Camera

Mary Margaret Olohan on November 1, 2019

An Alaskan congressman head-butted a left-wing activist group’s camera after being asked about foreign interference in government elections, video shows.

Republican Alaska Rep. Don Young, 86, slowly head-butted a camera as media from the left-wing activist group MoveOn followed Young down the hall, a video posted by Move On shows.

Watch Republican Congressman @RepDonYoung (R-AK) headbutt the camera when we asked him if it’s okay to ask foreign governments to interfere in our elections,” MoveOn wrote in a tweet. “And no, he never answered the question.”

The video shows MoveOn media following Young and questioning him about foreign governments interfering in elections, asking “Is that an acceptable thing to have happen? It’s a simple yes or no question.”

Young approaches the videographer and slowly head-butts the camera before saying with a smile, “There you go.”

Young’s office did not immediately respond to the Daily Caller News Foundation’s request for comment.

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  • I noticed they did not name a president! MoveOn media is appropriately named, because if they approach you with a stupid hypothetical question, just headbutt their camera and move on! LOL!

  • I noticed they did not name a president! MoveOn media is appropriately named, because if they approach you with a stupid hypothetical question, just headbutt their camera and move on! LOL!

  • Hurray for rep. Don Young! Does the Right have any equivalent to MoveOn.Org? Do they behave in this obnoxious manner? If they do, they shouldn't. They're just trying to trap the target into making some kind of damning statement or, failing that, to leave the impression that the target was trying to hide something. It's a horrible and useless method of executing propaganda. People on the Left will see it that way regardless and people on the Right will do likewise in reverse. So what?

  • Moveon.org is nothing but Soros propaganda outlet that uses antifa types and should be called a hate group.

  • I do not understand why the Dems are so upset about a foreign government interfering in our Elections when Obama took our money - TAXPAYERS money and sent it to Israel to throw the Election of Netanyahu - This is REAL...this actually took place and nothing was said - Even the RINO's were silent to this one!!! Hey Schifty take a look at this one - Okay for the Dems yet President Trump hasn't done ANYTHING wrong you are doing everything you can to destroy President Trump and it just isn''t working for ya!!!


  • Good for the congressman... Trump did NOT ask ANY foreigners to interfere with our elections... (I know that is what the lunatic reporter was trying to ask about..)... the ONLY ones who asked any foreigner to interfere are the democRAT swamp rats... and the democrat swamp rats ARE okay with the illegal aliens interfering in our elections.. The illegal aliens have much more influence in our elections than Russia ever thought of... People with a brain, need to start putting these lunatic media in their places... Stop allowing them to bully and push their false news...

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