A report that one Department of Homeland Security official described as “alarming” indicates that the FBI is currently investigating hundreds of refugees in the United States for possible links to terrorism.

The report comes on the heels of President Trump’s latest revised temporary travel ban from six countries connected to terrorism.

The sheer number of cases being looked into by the FBI should illustrate exactly why Trump’s temporary travel ban and ‘extreme vetting’ policies are so vitally important to the safety of our nation.

Via the Daily Caller:

The Federal Bureau of Investigation is investigating approximately 300 refugees in the U.S. for terrorism, a Department of Homeland Security official told reporters Monday.

The official said this was “truly an alarming number,” and added that there are also approximately 1,000 investigations into potential domestic terrorists inspired or motivated by ISIS.

Two terrorist attacks by Somali refugees have injured more than 20 Americans in the past year. The DHS also pointed Monday to the case of another Somali refugee who was sentenced to 30 years in prison in 2014 for trying to set off a bomb at a Christmas tree-lighting ceremony in Portland, Ore.

The announcement from the DHS official, speaking on the condition of anonymity, came as President Donald Trump signed an executive order that would temporarily stop refugee admittances for 120 days.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions explained that Trump’s newly minted Executive Order is “a lawful and proper exercise of presidential authority.”

He went on to detail the administration’s plans to initiate an “enhanced screening and vetting process for visitors” from the six countries on the list.

Catherine Herridge of Fox News reports that of the 300 refugees being investigated by the FBI, the list includes “some individuals from countries cited on President Trump’s revised travel ban.”

Secretary of Homeland Security John Kelly said of the temporary ban, “We cannot risk the prospect of malevolent actors using our immigration system to take American lives.”

The former administration took that risk. This President will not.

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