On Sunday, Sen. Al Franken’s office told the media he wasn’t going to step down as most thought he would after what he did to radio talk show host during a USO trip. He practically sexually assaulted this woman and he plans to stay in his Senate seat, one that he barely won initially. People seem to have forgotten about that 300+ plus vote win.

He wants to “reflect” on his actions over Thanksgiving? What a crock! He won’t think twice about what he did and Sen. Mitch McConnell won’t do anything to discipline the guy. The U.S. Senate is stained with this monster.

Let this be a lesson to weak-kneed Republicans. If he is not resigning despite the foul-proof evidence, why should Republicans pressure Republicans to resign on accusations without evidence?

Source: CNN

A spokesperson for Franken told the Minnesota paper “no” when asked if the senator would resign in the wake of a woman saying Franken forcibly kissed her and groped her while she slept in 2006.

“He is spending time with his family in Washington, DC, and will be through the Thanksgiving holiday,” the spokesperson said. “And he’s doing a lot of reflecting.”

He wants to take a break just long enough for the press to forget about what he did and the quietly come back in. Such a disgrace.

Franken’s office did not immediately respond to a request to confirm or clarify the spokesperson’s comments to the newspaper.

Franken’s Senate colleagues have called for a Senate Ethics Committee investigation into his behavior, and in a statement, Franken apologized for his actions and said he welcomed an ethics probe into his conduct.

His apology was a nothingburger. It didn’t mean anything, especially when he said he couldn’t remember anything. He only apologized for the photograph he posed in. He didn’t remember the skit going the way she did. He didn’t apologize for forcing her to perform the practice kiss in rehearsal when she didn’t want to.

He will probably take the holidays at home to try to revise the sexual harassment booklet issued to all incoming male Democrats in Washington D.C.. Here’s what Chapter 1 will be titled: “Don’t Be Stupid and Take Pictures.”

What’s pretty sad about this incident is Democrats will give him a pass for his actions.

And now we’re just learning that another woman is accusing Franken of inappropriate behavior. Will this finally cause him to step down?

Fat chance!

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