After Ukraine Vote, Marjorie Taylor Greene Perfectly Explains How Biden Is Putting America Last

Marjorie Taylor Greene Owns Biden For Not Putting 'America First'

Former senior advisor to President Trump, Kellyanne Conway, recently said of Joe Biden’s presidency that “spite is no way to run a country.”

Yet that seems to be exactly what this administration is doing. If it was a policy of the Trump administration, get rid of it. Orange man bad.

Donald Trump’s “America First” policies were framed by the media as “isolationist,” “nativist,” and the old reliable, “code speak” for white Christians.

The opposite of America First, of course, is America Last. And firebrand Georgia Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene took to Twitter on Tuesday to blast Joe Biden for putting Americans last, and for the numerous crises he and his administration have created.

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Millions Of Taxpayer Dollars Going To Another Foreign War

The last week of April, President Joe Biden asked Congress for yet another cash installment of $33 billion in funding for Ukraine. Congress promptly agreed, voting for even more$40 billion – for a foreign country.

In the weeks prior to this, Americans saw aid packages of $700 million and $500 million go overseas to help Ukrainians fight off the Russian invasion.

But while Americans watch their tax dollars go to defend the borders of a far away European nation that our leaders tell us is so vitally important, Border Patrol agents say that, not only have they lost operational control over the U.S. southern border, but they have also lost operational awareness of who is coming into the country. 

Our country.

Americans have a right to expect an America First policy that would secure the southern border, and prevent millions of illegal immigrants from coming across the border, in addition to dangerous drugs like fentanyl, and human smugglers trafficking in women and children.

But that is not what the Biden administration is offering up.

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Brother Can You Spare A Gallon Of Gas?

As tens of billions go to Ukraine, Americans are seeing gas prices never before seen. As of this writing, the national average for a gallon of gas is $4.37. 

In a nation where America First policies were the exception and not the rule, Joe Biden would not have cancelled the Keystone XL pipeline on his first day in office, while making sure that the Nord Stream 2 pipeline into Germany was up and running.

Only after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and much arm twisting from both Democrats and Republicans did Biden ban Russian oil imports. Wouldn’t this scenario have been reversed in an America First administration?

How high will fuel prices have to go, and for how long before someone gets the idea that maybe the Keystone XL pipeline wasn’t so bad after all? Until November maybe?

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A Dangerous New Kind Of Shortage

Now, Americans are seeing an unprecedented kind of shortage, a shortage of baby formula

At least six midwestern states are in dire straights. The shortage has grown rapidly, with the out-of-stock rate rising to 40% in April.

It is a worry hitting Democrats and Republicans alike. Sen. Jack Reed (D-RI) wrote a letter to Joe Biden asking what is being done about the crisis, and how it might be prevented from happening again in the future. As expected, no response has been forthcoming from the White House. 

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Marjorie Taylor Greene’s demand that Joe Biden focus on the growing number and scope of crises here at home is exactly right. Every single one of these issues is bound to come together in the perfect storm. 

Will then finally be the time to put America and her people first? Will Joe Biden first have to float blaming Donald Trump before he and his administration even think about taking any blame?

Will terrorists just walk across the border to wreak havoc on our country again? Will children have to die because there is nothing to feed them? When will it finally be time to put America First?

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