After Trump Teases Pardoning Snowden, Republicans Rand Paul, Matt Gaetz, And Others Come Out In Full Support

After Trump Teases Pardoning Snowden, Republicans Rand Paul, Matt Gaetz And Others Come Out In Full Support

Donald Trump hinted again at another possible pardon, when he told a reporter Sunday morning that he was still thinking about pardoning NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden.

Glenn Greenwald, the journalist responsible for breaking Snowden’s story in 2013, noted how doing so would be a direct affront to the Deep State.

“If Trump follows through on a pardon of @Snowden, it’d be a huge victory against CIA/FBI/NSA abuses,” Greenwald tweeted. “Everyone from @RandPaul, @MattGaetz & @TulsiGabbard to @ACLU, @BernieSanders & @NYTimes have advocated this.

The Deep State Hates The Very Idea Of Pardoning Snowden

“The only ones angry would be Brennan, Clapper, Comey & Susan Rice,” Greenwald added.

Greenwald was referring to Obama administration officials: former CIA Director John Brennan, former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, former FBI Director James Comey, and former Obama administration United Nations Ambassador Susan Rice.

When Trump floated the idea of pardoning Snowden in August, Rice tweeted, “I. Just. Can’t. Congratulations GOP. This is who you are now.”

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Deep State honcho Rice has a point. This might be what the GOP is now.

Conservatives Give Full-throated Support For Snowden Pardon

Just ask Republican Congressman Matt Gaetz, perhaps President Trump’s biggest ally in the House, who retweeted Greenwald, adding the comment, “President Trump is listening to the many of us who are urging him to #PardonSnowden”

“It’s the right thing to do,” Gaetz added.

Then Trump ally Sen. Rand Paul chimed in.

“James Clapper brazenly lied to Congress denying that the Deep State was spying on all Americans,” Paul tweeted. “@Snowden simply revealed Clapper’s lies and exposed unconstitutional spying. He deserves a pardon from @realDonaldTrump!

Here is a reminder of what Paul is referring to regarding Clapper.

This exchange is also what inspired Snowden to expose the NSA’s illegal mass surveillance program.

The support for Snowden kept rolling in.

Republican Congressman Thomas Massie retweeted Gaetz and said “Now is the time to #pardonsnowden

Former Republican turned Libertarian, Congressman Justin Amash, added to the chorus with “Pardon @Snowden.”

Establishment Republican And Deep State Defender Liz Cheney Chimes In

But the Deep State wasn’t going to take this lying down.

It didn’t take establishment neoconservative Republican Congresswoman Liz Cheney very long to bash Snowden and any thought of giving him a pardon.

Cheney called Snowden a “traitor.”

‘The Cheney Ideology Supporting Forever Wars Puts More Troops At Risk Than Snowden Ever Did’

And that is when Matt Gaetz and other conservatives fired back on the neocon leader.

Gaetz tweeted, “The Cheney ideology supporting forever wars puts more troops at risk than @snowden ever did.”

Then other conservatives began piling on.

Greenwald laid waste to Liz Cheney.

“Of course…The neocon ally of US liberals speaks up,” Greenwald tweeted. “@Liz_Cheney is an abject liar.”

“She says Snowden ‘handed over US secrets to Russian and Chinese intelligence’ because she comes from a family of liars & her career rests solely on her father, one of this century’s worst liars,” he added.

Pardon Snowden

Many believe Snowden’s only chance of receiving a pardon is President Trump.

The Deep State operators and defenders who Snowden exposed and embarrassed obviously don’t want this to happen.

Just ask Susan Rice and Liz Cheney.

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Former Vice President Joe Biden went out of his way to bully countries that might give Snowden safe haven for exposing the mass illegal surveillance that occurred during the Obama administration.

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Snowden told MSNBC last year, “Every time one of these governments got close to opening their doors, the phone would ring in their foreign ministries.”

“And on the other end of the line would be a very senior American official,” Snowden said. “It was one of two people: then-Secretary of State John Kerry or then-Vice President Joe Biden.” 

The Deep State and their friends in the Democratic establishment have done everything they can to harm Donald Trump’s presidency over the last four years.

President Trump should make their worst nightmare come true by pardoning patriotic whistleblower hero, Edward Snowden.

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