Leading up to the 2020 election, the Democrats have promised that Antifa/BLM violence will not stop unless they are given more power, have vowed to not concede the election if they lose, and no doubt will bring out just enough of their fraudulent mail-in ballots to claim a victory.

While the establishment Republicans may roll over as usual, conservatives, who know that the republic hangs in the balance and once lost will be lost forever, will not accept this chicanery or a phony Democrat win.

Trying to battle this out in the courts for months on end will end up satisfying no one.

At this point, there does not seem any way out of this impasse that does not involve massive civil strife, because you know the election is going to put violence into overdrive.

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After The Election Dust Clears, Clean House

I hope, on the morning of Nov. 4th after Pres. Trump wins re-election, the National Guard and all manner of Federal resources will be on standby.

I hope that thousands are rounded up for processing on federal charges from insurrection to conspiracy to terrorism, and the rioting will be brought to an abrupt halt.

Included in the arrests should be those conspiring to the demise of our Republic (if there is evidence against them). It should not matter if they are a local mayor, Governor, or members of Congress.

I want swift action and justice. Activist judges should be neutered so they can not interfere with this process or they themselves should be arrested as part of the traitorous cabal. It’s time to grow a pair and smash the insurrection once and for all!

Sure there will be calls that this looks like a totalitarian takeover. It’s not, but when dealing with totalitarians it is sometimes necessary to be ruthless and smash them like they never saw it coming.

Clean the house, and restore order. Then we can worry about niceties.

This Reminds Me Of The Movie “Signs”

I remember a movie called “Signs,” which many of you will have to watch a few times to completely understand where I am going with this piece. There’s a scene where Mel Gibson asks his movie brother Joaquin Phoenix what type of person he is — does he believe in miracles or is he a person who believes there are no coincidences?

Forget the nasty aliens — the movie isn’t about that – it is about that question.

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I believe it was an out and out miracle that Trump won in 2016, and that he is still President of the United States three and a half years later. Think about it. Trump beat the military and media establishment, and they aren’t finished crying over it yet.

The hand of God is here protecting him and Mike Pence. What happens in November will once again be the will of God – let us all pray He believes that the United States is worth His grace.

Right now many believe that the Democrats will pull out all the illegal and legal stops to thwart his re-election. I also believe we will see God’s intention in the outcome of this election and I am hopeful for a miracle.

We Can’t Forget One Important Point

The Democrats voted to impeach a sitting President because of a minor phone call and their “whistleblower” was not even in the room! If not for the Republican Senate we would be saying ‘President Pence’ right now.

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If the “silent majority” continues its slumber, the left will steal the election, change our form of government forever, and make sure they are never challenged again. Only a massive sweep, down to the level of city council, will save our Republic.

People like to invoke Hitler. Well, the German “silent majority” remained silent, and look at what it got them. It’s up to you, our “silent majority.” Either we get a massive turnout, or we live with what we get.