After Colorado, Michigan Could Be The Next State To Kick Trump Off Their Ballot

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This week, the Colorado Supreme Court ruled that Donald Trump could not be on their state’s ballot for the 2024 presidential election because he allegedly took part in an “insurrection” on January 6, 2021 on Capitol Hill.

Now it seems, Colorado might not be the only state following this path.

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A ‘Major Threat’ to Trump’s Campaign

The efforts by the Democrats – who have spent every waking moment since 2021 accusing everyone else of “attacking democracy” – to have Trump removed from ballots appears to be coordinated.

From the AP:

Free Speech For the People appealed last week’s ruling by the state court of appeals that the Republican Party can place whomever they want on the ballot for its presidential primary, regardless of whether they’re qualified for the office or not.

The move potentially places the future of Trump’s candidacy before yet another state supreme court. The Minnesota Supreme Court already kept Trump on the ballot, likewise saying the courts can’t strike candidates from the primary ballot and inviting the plaintiffs to try again in the general election.

No due process, preventing voters from choosing their candidates and their elected officials – where is all that alleged “democracy” anyway?

A Win for Biden and the Democrats?

Business Insider wrote of the situation, “Trump being barred from Michigan’s ballot would be a major boon for the Democratic Party, especially if President Joe Biden is Trump’s opposition, as Biden only won the state in 2020 by less than 3 percentage points.”

“Democracy” by legal fiat. How convenient.

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The Colorado Supreme Court decision will be taken up by the U.S. Supreme Court in the new year, and their decision will likely hold much sway over how many states can take the same path Colorado has chosen, Michigan included.

In a democratic system, voters choose who they want, not lawyers or judges.

Those who seek to keep Donald Trump’s name off of ballots have more in common with one-party Communist states than any democracy.

How cute.

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