Actress Patricia Heaton Attacked For Pro-Life Tweet

Patricia Heaton

Many Hollywood actors are far-left Hillary supporters. But actress Patricia Heaton from Everybody Loves Raymond is a patriotic conservative.

She received some harsh push-back from liberals about a tweet (below) she sent supporting a pro-life organization, and now she just responded in a huge way!

One woman asked Heaton how much she personally gives to charities for women without health care and children in foster care: “How much $$$ do you personally donate to foster care/programs for pregnant women w no health care/homes/money?”

Here’s her incredible reply:

Then, she was asked this:

Then, Heaton responded:

To that, Heaton replied, “I think you might like #FeministsForNonViolentChoices @ffnvc and #FeministsForLife who support all this.”

The woman responded by thanking Heaton, but said that she seeks to”support women in all ways,” including keeping abortion both safe and legal. The actress sent a follow-up tweet explaining that the pro-life group Feminists for Life helps women so that they don’t have to choose between their children and education and a career.

Thank you, Patricia Heaton for boldly standing up for unborn babies. Liberals and Democrat politicians are funded every year by abortion organizations, which is why the murdering of babies is still legal.

Heaton is willing to risk her career and argue for life, which is certainly not a popular view point in Hollywood.

Plus, she answered questions politely and respectfully – Even when attacked, she didn’t lose her temper. Incredible.

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