Actress Felicity Huffman Sentenced to Two Weeks in Jail in College Bribery Scandal

Felicity Huffman wanted to make sure her daughter had a chance at becoming an actress, so she bribed her into college.

On Friday, Huffman was sentenced to 14 days behind bars, a $30k fine and 250 hours of community service. She will also have one year of supervised release.

The justice system punishes criminals not only for the purpose of ensuring that THEY never commit the crime again. It also has sentencing guidelines in place to deter others. Giving a large fine to a wealthy criminal sends the message that you can buy your way out of taking responsibility. A few weeks in jail in better than none, but doesn’t exactly send the message that no one is above the law.

“Desperate Housewives” star Felicity Huffman is set to be sentenced on Friday for federal crimes stemming from the massive “Varsity Blues” college entrance scam, and prosecutors are asking a judge to send her to prison.

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Huffman, 56, will learn her fate when she appears in U.S. District Court in Boston in front Judge Indira Talwani, to whom she has pleaded for leniency.

Earlier this month, Huffman’s lawyers filed legal papers asking Talwani to not send the Oscar-nominated actress to prison, writing that “nothing about her history and characteristics require a prison sentence.”

Huffman’s lawyers have asked Talwani to impose a one-year probation term, 250 hours of community service and a $20,000 fine. But federal prosecutors have asked the judge to sentence Huffman to one month of incarceration, followed by 12 months of supervised release and a fine of $20,000. [GMA]


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I read that Huffman’s bribe is among the smaller ones, but this shouldn’t matter. It’s like saying this bank robber deserves a lighter sentence because he didn’t steal as much as another robber did. The real crime is they altered forever the future of some young person who had done all the right things, done all the work, made all the sacrifices, and actually had the ability to get that spot, just so they could satisfy their own selfish agendas for their kids.

What Huffman did was wrong, taking away a well-deserved student their opportunity for their education just as Elizabeth Warren did wrong taking away a well deserved Native American’s job opportunity with her selfish lies.

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I do not have any sympathy for Huffman at this point. Anything less than a year in jail is a travesty. If anyone reading this article were charged with the same crime, we would likely be doing 1-3 years minimum. No jail time or only two weeks will just reinforce the notion that the well-to-do and famous get special treatment.

I am hoping the judge makes an example of them along with Lori Loughlin. Their actions must teach the rest of the country that this will not be tolerated and there are consequences. Jail time is absolutely required for both.

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