6-Year-Old ‘Presidential Expert’ Wanted To Meet A President, Then HE Appeared!

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Six-year-old Macey Hensley probably knows more about our nation’s presidents than many of us. She can name every one of the 44 presidents, and even provide a little background and trivia for each. For example, she’ll be quick to tell you “George Washington would brush his horses teeth and not his.”

Little Macey’s knowledge was so impressive, it earned her a spot on the The Ellen Show, which included a visit from President Obama.

Earlier this week, Ellen Degeneres showed a new clip of Macey visiting the George W. Bush Presidential Library. She had a ventriloquist doll of the president with the same name by her side.

That’s when she got the surprise of her life.

Via Fox News Insider:

Six-year-old Macey Hensley is known as “The Ellen Show’s” resident presidential expert.

The young political buff recently got to visit the George W. Bush Presidential Library, and she took her ventriloquist doll of the president along for the hilarious journey.

What Macey didn’t know then is that she’d soon be meeting two very special surprise guests: President Bush himself, and former First Lady Laura!

In the video above, Macey’s seen making “phone calls” from the Oval Office before the Bushes arrive. As they walk in, her whole face lights up.

The little girl then introduces the Bushes to her doll.

“That looks just like me,” says the president, who tries his hand at speaking with the dummy.

“Do you want to try?” Macey asks Mrs. Bush.

“Sure. I’ve been trying to do this forever,” the former First Lady joked.

Check out the segment involving Macey and the Bushes below …

Macey delivered this adorable question: “Wasn’t Laura the best First Lady because she never embarrassed her country or you?”

In contrast to the current First Lady, who has embarrassingly used the East Room of the White House to film episodes of The Biggest Loser, for potato sack races, and who once rolled her eyes and said “all this for a damn flag?”

Comment: What did you think of Macey Hensley, presidential expert, and her visit with Presidents Obama and Bush?  Who do you think she was a bigger fan of? Share your thoughts below.

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