6 Pro-Gun Videos that Will Make Your Day


This year at The Political Insider, we’ve had many stories on gun rights. In fact, it’s one of our most popular subjects. Here are our top 5 video posts of people defending the right to bear arms, plus one ad that inadvertently does so. Click on the hyperlinked headlines to read the full stories.

1. VIDEO: In Just 2 Minutes, This Army Veteran Silences a Room Full of Anti-Gun Liberals


2. WATCH: 10-Year Old Gun Expert Responds Perfectly to Gun-Shy Reporter


3. Judge Andrew Napolitano Slams Gun Grabbers: ‘More Guns Equals Less Crime!’ (VIDEO)


4. Three Out of Four Ladies on “The View” Recommend Guns For Women: “Get a Gun in Your Home!”


5. A Local TV Host Asked Ted Nugent Why He Supports Gun Rights. His Answer Is Amazing! (WATCH)


6. Bloomberg Anti-Gun Group Accidentally Makes Pro-Gun Commercial

What do you think – which video was the most compelling? Join the discussion at the bottom:

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