Bloomberg Anti-Gun Group Accidentally Makes Pro-Gun Commercial

Michael Bloomberg’s new anti-gun group Everytown For Gun Safety, an organization whose biggest platform to date appears to be forcing Target stores to ban guns in their stores, created a new ad that can only be aptly described as inadvertently pro-gun.

The 30-second spot (seen below) features a woman at home alone with her child, calling the police as her ex-husband repeatedly pounds on the front door.   Inadvertent pro-gun messages abound.

The woman’s phone call to 911 reveals that she has taken the proper steps and filed a restraining order, but the restraining order is not preventing the man from trying to break down her front door.

What would discourage him from beating down the door?  A gun.

The man then successfully breaks into the house, and physically grabs the couple’s child yelling, “I’m taking him.”

You know what might have stopped him from getting his hands on the boy?  A gun.

During the ensuing violent rage, the ex-husband pulls out a gun and aims it at the woman who is screaming.  As the commercial fades to black you hear the sound of a gunshot, silence, and a crying child.

Guess what the woman could have defended herself with?  A gun.

Not to mention the overall theme of the ad – the fact that the woman has to call police in order to defend herself from a violent attacker.  What will the police officers bring to stop this crime?  A gun.

Townhall’s Katie Pavlich explains that Everytown’s new gun ad intends to convey a message that legislators need to enact laws making it more difficult for domestic abusers to attain guns.  But what happens if this is the first incident of domestic violence?  What happens when the abuser obtains his firearm illegally?  The very topic of this ad shows that the enraged ex-husband was willing to violate a restraining order.  So what makes this anti-gun group certain that he’d follow strict gun laws and not obtain his gun illegally?

Pavlich explains, the new ad “inadvertently proves why women should be trained and armed before being faced with a violent attacker.”

What do you think?  Watch the ad for yourself and decide…

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