5 Times The Media Showed Their True Liberal Colors In 2015


As readers of The Political Insider know, the biggest ally to the Democrat Party has been the media.

The mainstream media have helped to keep liberals in power, have helped to ruin true conservative politicians with their blatant lies, have shaped public opinion, and have simply rewritten the past to make one of the worst presidents in our nation’s history seem like an infallible king.

2015 of course, has been no different.

With that in mind, and as we close in on 2016, let’s take a look back at some of the more egregious, vomit-inducing, boot licking examples of liberal media bias from the past year.

NBC Correspondent Ayman Mohyeldin – Chris Kyle is a racist who went on an Iraqi killing spree.

“When you juxtapose it [the movieAmerican Sniper] with the real Chris Kyle and what has emerged about what kind of personality he was…. a lot of his own personal opinions about what he was doing in Iraq, how he viewed Iraqis. Some of what people have described as his racist tendencies towards Iraqis and Muslims as he was going on some of these, you know, killing sprees in Iraq on assignment.”

Rachel Maddow – Iran deal will be the “greatest foreign policy achievement … of this American generation.”

People “will look back at this presidency, they’ll look back at this president, and they’ll say, of course they gave him the Nobel Peace Prize, of course they did.”

Dick Meyer, Scripps Howard Bureau Chief – Obama is the greatest thing to happen to America, and the peasants best recognize.

“Americans are lucky to have Barack Obama as president and we should wake up and appreciate it while we can.

President Obama will go down in history as an extraordinary president, probably a great one.

… it would be a morale booster and a sign of civic maturity if more Americans appreciated what an exceptional president they have right now.”

Allow me to …

Sally Kohn – Donald Trump wants to make the White House really, really white again.

“Part of what he is speaking to is a part of the American public that for the past seven years has felt outraged. They talk about taking the White House back. They’ve talked about, he retweeted, they want the ‘WHITE’ House back. Capital W-H-I-T-E.”

Reporters Chasing After Hillary’s Scooby Van – The Business Insider reported on this embarrassing scene.

“Presidential candidate and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton caused a journalistic stampede when she arrived for her first public campaign event at a school in Iowa.

The van Clinton is using for her campaign road trip apparently pulled up to a back entrance of the Kirkwood Community College campus. This left a pack of reporters scrambling to see her enter the building.”

Reporters falling all over themselves to chase after their chosen one for President. Check it out …

Comment: What other examples of media bias do you remember from this past year? Tell us below.

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