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5 Classic Reagan Christmas Photos – With Bonus Mr. T Pictures!

President Reagan was known for his cheery, positive attitude, and it always showed in his pictures! After all these years, he still has all the best Presidential Christmas pictures. Check out this top 5!

Nancy Reagan White House Christmas 1987

5. First Lady Nancy Reagan and comedian Dom DeLuise are extremely excited for Christmas!!


4. President Ronald Reagan sits on Santa’s lap and presumably asks for jelly beans for Christmas.


3. Now President Reagan wants to get in on the act and play Santa!


2. Santa, baby! Awww Nancy gets on Ronnie Claus’ lap. These two!!!


1. The very best picture of all – the White House Christmas photo to top all White House Christmas photos that ever were or ever will be – Nancy sitting on Santa Mr. T’s lap giving him a kiss on the head!!!

And because Nancy with Mr. T is so awesome, here are some bonus pictures to enjoy!




What do you think – which Reagan Christmas photo is your favorite?