Trump Approval Rating HIGHEST EVER In Latest Poll – Including with Millennials!

A new Zogby poll gives Donald Trump the highest approval rating he’s achieved since he became president. Trump’s job approval is now at 51 percent, which is higher than 48 percent received at the same time in Obama’s presidency, which was about a year out from his re-election campaign.

If you recall, Obama was elected to a second term.

Millennials aged 18-29 also give President Trump a 51 percent approval rating. 25-34 year olds give him 53 percent, and ages 35-54 give the president a whopping 59 percent.

Not bad!

It seems the results of the Mueller report have helped Trump’s numbers.

Zogby writes:

“President Trump’s job approval rating has seen a post Mueller report boost! We called it a few weeks ago. But that’s not the complete story as to why the president has reached a peak in his job approval rating. Trump is also riding high on positive economic news-a record high stock market, low unemployment, and solid GDP growth at home.”

“One of the demographics to give Trump a very good job performance rating were self-identified social networkers (59% approve/40% disapprove-people who engage with social media), Zogby added. “The president also made strides with college educated voters (55% approve/45% disapprove), and saw support increase slightly with non-college educated voters (47% approve/50% disapprove).”

Zogby indicated that a strong economy likely also played a significant role in Trump getting such high numbers.

As the 2020 election gets underway, every Democratic challenger will continue to make the case that Donald Trump has done a horrible job in office, hurling every criticism and insult at the president imaginable.

But will it hold up?

It’s much easier to make such a case when the economy s down, which it isn’t at the moment. As Democrats continue to veer further to the extreme Left, are they actually doing President Trump a favor? Making him look like the only sane alternative to a party that openly embraces socialism, late-term abortion, and authoritarianism?

Democrats have a lot of work to do if they want to make any headway in the next election.

President Trump has already been doing the work and has the solid poll numbers to prove it.

John Hanson

is a professional writer and editor with over 15 years of experience in conservative media and Republican politics. He has been a special guest on Fox News, Sirius XM, appeared as the guest of various popular personalities, and has had a lifelong interest in right-leaning politics.

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  • And now, not even a month later, we read that the dems want to bring a psychiatric panel to the Hill to forcibly evaluate Pres Trump, and show that he is unfit for office, and remove him. The dems are wasting no time.

  • HAHAHA, I found a liberal! Typical liberal, I post my opinion based off of proven numbers, while "The Liberal" bases there opinion from emotion. I will try to keep it simple for you and help you by including examples here, since I know your too busy protesting something or standing in line for your free sh*t to do your own fact checking.
    The current U.S. GDP growth rate is 3.2% The U.S. economy is just a smidge above the ideal growth rate of between 2% and 3%.Apr 27, 2019- Thebalance.com
    This means the E-CON-O-MY, say it slowly, is performing above ideal standards.
    U.S. Unemployment Rate Drops To 3.7 Percent, Lowest In Nearly 50 Years-NPR News
    I went to your liberal website for this little nugget, enjoy!
    Now, I am busy, so class will have to stop now. So, run along and help AOC figure out what is the purpose of her garbage disposal.
    Say hello to Bernie for me at your next protest!!

  • sorry, but Robf is right ! The dems will try something dramatic since their coup against Trump didn't work. You win the stupid contest orange

  • it's not a reliable poll except to 45's sheep supporters who believe it as truth.we all know that 45's sheep supporters think that lies are truth, so it's not surprising that they believe this poll.
    45's real approval rating is 41.2 percent approve and 53.9 disapprove. of course 45's sheep supporters won't believe these numbers because they are the truth and 45's sheep supporters can only believe lies.

  • The democratic party is a con, they have their followers bull shitted into thinking they are so wonderful. A little analysis
    of their activity will show them for the phonies they are.

  • "Make-Work" projects are something a Communist FOOL like Obama would do to try to "stimulate" the economy. He TRIED that--and you saw how it turned out. TRILLIONS of dollars disappeared with NOTHING to show for it, and NO improvement whatsoever in the economy. Pres. Trump has better sense--and that is why our economy is roaring today!

  • I imagine their shock over this poll is part of the reason they went into hyperdrive about Trump's financial records. The conniving Dems are DESPERATE for something to distract from all the crimes THEY have committed, which are about to be EXPOSED by declassification of all the crap THEY classified to HIDE their criminal and TREASONOUS activities!

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