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  1. Bernie says:

    It was posted how the mayor guarded supplies like a pit bull when distribution was so desperately needed. Imagine how she hoarded and kept away progress items from the people on a daily basis.

  2. Esau says:

    These lenders need to take a huge haircut on these bonds. Fifty percent, at least. They also need to consider lowering the interest rate and extending the note terms after the headache, perhaps even defer collection of certain portion of the remaining debt until maturity and not charge any interest on it. They certainly need to subordinate to new borrowing.

    In the near term, work requirements must be imposed on all recipients, including age appropriate children. There is tons of work to do in not only recovery and rebuilding but upgrading the island. And those work requirements must remain in place.

    Mainland hedge funds, banks and other financial institutions, real estate developers and contractors should be given a free hand to develop the fully devastated portions of the island. That means local and Commonwealth laws, regulations, permits and ordinances must be suspended by the federal government, including fees and taxation. The land should be condemned through eminent domain, with the developer reimbursing the government for the cost.

    Mainland Americans should be encouraged, through expanded tax cuts, deductions and credits to move to the island, especially retirees, and to start businesses.

  3. Larry says:

    The storm did a few billion dollars in improvements to that corrupt hell-hole.

  4. Henry says:

    Bath House Barry was doing his best to bail out PR so that the slimeocrats could reap their loyalty as low information voters.

  5. william says:

    I think the Obama Administration was trying to figure out how this territory would be able to declare bankruptcy so they wouldn’t have to repay millions of dollars that they owed. There was a controversy since if this territory could do it, then the individual states would be allowed to do it. So, they were in bad shape before the hurricanes hit that island.

  6. Ronald says:

    Hate to break this to the writer, but Puerto Rico is NOT a country. It is a protected territory of the United states. The citizens are US citizens. It has been offered statehood several times in the past, refusing each time, but now that their economy is in the trash (Democrats), the seem to want the US to buy out their debt, invest billions in infrastructure, and accept them as a state. Unfortunately, they will probably do that.

  7. stageangel says:

    Many of us knew about the failing infrastructure of PR, well before the hurricanes, Follow the money and see which DEMON-O-Rats pockets are full.

  8. Davison says:

    Another dumbocrat led hell hole. Do these dumbocrats know how to do anything except to bankrupt whatever they touch?

  9. Yadja says:

    He is 100% correct and I have been looking into this place, seems they are big on pharmaceutical companies and that they were hoping to become the Rivera of this area, catering to the wealthy and pushing the problems aside. This hurricane exposed them, the corruption and the problems, Trump won’t throw money at them, he will guide the rebuilding and that Swamp of politicians will be gone long before our is.

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