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  1. HOFFHACK says:


  2. Thomas says:

    People are optimistic that 2017 won’t SUCK BALLS like 2016 sucked. How can it be worse?

    Consumer Confidence Indexes are not the same as “confidence in the POTUS.”

    Idiotic non-article. Political Insider is the biggest joke on the net. Entertainment!

  3. Harris says:

    God Bless Putin! God Bless Trump! God Bless Netanyahu! God Bless Brexit! God Bless Freedom! Black, White, Right, Left, Repub, Dem, Christian or Jew We the good people UNITE against the CORRUPT, Global Elite One World Order agenda. We say NO to SLAVERY! El Shaddai Yahweh, Almighty God of Abraham and Moses we WORSHIP you and ask for your strength and blessings to stay UNITED and FREE!
    In Jesus’s name I pray AMEN!

    1. Thomas says:

      Putin is not the friend of the U.S. or Israel, or the Jews. Putin supports Iran and Assad. Care to re-phase that prayer now?

  4. David says:

    To Glen,, the lying used car salesman is the one that told us that “If you like your plan , you can keep your plan,.” Lied to us to sell it, and his own author of it Jonathan Gruber said ” If we had told the truth it never would have passed. ” Democrats administrative strategy is summed up , “We have to pass it to find out what is in it.” That is no way to run a train and it was time for a change.

  5. John says:

    Look what this obama sleeze has pulled now cutting diplomatic ties with russia, had eight years to do that but lacked the guts. complaining about rigged elections, he would not have got a second term if the last election was not rigged. His wife whatsername is on record as stating hillary clinton could not manage her own house so how could she manage the white house but this time it was ” vote for my good friend hillary “. Two secret service agents have been quoted as saying obamas were the most racist people they have worked for. Wonder if those two men are on the clinton hit list.

  6. Glen says:

    You know this man. You have always known this man.
    He says it’s fixed, it’s a plot, it’s a lie, it’s the fault of Mexicans, it means war. He has uncontrollable anger.
    And you want to give him nuclear weapons?

    He is the lying used car salesman across town. He is the contractor who puts a hole in your wall then vanishes. He is the fast-talking huckster on the late-night television commercial. He is the husband or the wife or the girlfriend or the boyfriend who promised you forever and ran off with your heart and your money—and your life.

    You might not have liked Hillary Clinton or her policies or anything about her, but if she was elected, you would have had four years to find a presidential candidate of your own whose true goal is not to rob you blind, and four years from now you would still have a presidential election and a vote—and a country.

    Trump will give nothing to you but shame and regret and shackles. He will take, and he will keep, whatever he can get his hands on. It is the story of his life—He boasts about it. He says giving employees a paycheck is the equivalent of your neighbor sacrificing their son in the war. You really think he will give you anything? You really think he will give you a better job? More money?

    From women to business he is grab first and ask questions later and you know that. And in the rubble—the rubble of your life in a political-science-fiction-nightmare version of a fascist America made real—this will be on your conscience. It will be your fault, not his. He is merely the con man who is fattening you up for the kill. He ends his appearances with the Rolling Stones song “You Can’t Always Get What You Want.” He is telling you in advance. How much more warning does he have to give you?

    You know this man. You have always known this man.

    There is a small minority of gullible nonthinkers and confused conspiracy theorists who believe that Hillary Clinton is guilty of some ethereal set of crimes or unethical behavior. They are unable to articulate what the crimes are because they only exist in a muddled state of chaos in their confused imaginations. They were implanted by right-wing propagandists and their media accomplices. I realize that, to confused conservatives, nothing needs to make sense, logic is turned upside down, common sense is the first thing thrown out the window, and trying to reconcile actual facts with the confusion that they live with on a daily basis is not exactly a priority.

    1. Timothy says:

      You’re a socialist, you drip with it and support those who embrace it. You’re a product of our socialist school system where you were taught ‘what’ to think, not ‘how’ to think. Those of us in our 70’s are the product of an education system that taught critical thinking back in the 50’s and were actually taught American history from books that were written prior to 1926…before communist revisionists started editing and controlling the curriculum. We can also read and understand the constitution along with the original intent behind it, based on the founders documents and writings. We don’t look to people for our republics salvation, including Trump, however, we do support those who will be faithful to the oath to preserve, protect and defend the constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic. My conservative principles were developed long before the Rush Limbaugh s or Fox News were ever on the air and on that subject, when you accuse conservatives of being conned by propagandists…be apprised of the statistical fact that 84 percent of the main stream media have a progressive left ideology and it’s what they sell on the air. Marxist arrogance does not allow you to educate yourself away from your socialist indoctrination, so I would only encourage you to try by turning off all outside influence and read the constitution and a good KJV bible. Many socialists have converted with the bible alone as their guide.

    2. Thomas says:

      Well Glen, you are patently wrong and look at the world through a totally different lens, but at least your post is articulate and void of name calling and personal attacks. Most liberals cannot talk substantively, and you have. The man is working 22 hour days before he is even president. At least give him a chance. I think he will prove you wrong. Hillary would have sent us down to the point of no return, of which we are very close do to President Obama. Thomas

    3. Edward says:

      Glen, no insult intended, but “WAKE UP AND SMELL THE ROSES” You are a product of a corrupt media. Is PRESIDENT Trump, the best thing ever? Methinks not. If he is given a chance by the DemoNocrats and the Corrupt Mesia, we will have had very positive changes. I guess as a loyal DemoNcrat you are in favor of the ObUma screw job to Israel this past week, or his basic anti Christian-Jew policies and pro-Muslim(aka Islamist-terrorists) and his support for the shooter rather than the police(151) who were MURDERED this year, and his support of the rioters, looters and more. I do not know why I give you this kind of space, when can not be saved from your childish views. Continue to view the left-wing media and stay truly out of th loop of reality.

  7. remuda says:

    Eight years of Obama “Vacations” costing $85,000,000 outstrips the UK ‘Royals’ and all EU heads of states…combined. ‘Air Force One’ (and ‘Two’) is worn out unlike any previous POTUS. At least if he stays in DC we won’t have to ‘fly’ him home to a desolate Chicago South Side…or Palm Springs, who may or may not welcome him with sunny dispositions…

  8. QuoddyPolInsdr says:

    I Really Believe Donald Trump Has The Capability To Be The Greatest President The Country Has Had In Modern Since The Founders. Not Saying He Will Be But That He Has The Capability Of Being And His Cabinet Picks, I Believe, Have Him On The Road To Doing It.

    1. Thomas says:

      Am with you QP. Agree 100%

  9. Harris says:

    God Speed Donald Trump! It won’t be easy to reverse eight damaging years of Barack, But you are a BRILLIANT leader and we have faith in you. Our prayers are with you. God Almighty Yahweh please bless President Trumps efforts a trillion fold, Thwart Soros puppets efforts a trillion fold. May the Good guys win!!!

    1. Jay says:

      Damaging years? Strange how quickly some people forget. This country was circling the bowl economically when Bush left and President Obama took over.

      Then despite constant and relentless Republican efforts to derail him as part of American history by voting against EVERYTHING he tried to do, even voting against proposals they THEMSELVES out forth (including the Affordable Care Act!)

      He not only stopped the loss of 800,000 jobs a MONTH that has taking place under Bush, not only saved millions of Americans from losing their homes, not only saved the American auto industry, (returning it to profitability after over a decade of steady decline) all over the manic objections of Republicans who opposed all of these things.

      Under his and the First Ladies continued backing and support to help U.S. veterans, the Commonwealth of Virginia has become the first state in the country to end Veteran homelessness statewide. The City of Las Vegas, Nevada; the City of Syracuse, New York; and the City of Schenectady, New York have also announced that they have ended Veteran homelessness in their cities. Do you really believe Trump will do anything comparable… or even try?

      Under President Obama, with absolutely no help from Republicans, the United States has had 8 years of steady, almost uninterrupted economic growth. But you didn’t know that did you? Do something new: look it up in NON-biased media. And all this took place while he was forced to fight a ballet of budget draining wars brought on by outright, blatant, lies of the departing president, George Bush.

      The thing about President Obama is this: he never tried to make himself the star, he never spent hours spouting off about how great he was. He just quietly, humbly, went about the business of doing the best he could for as many people as he could.

      And he did pretty darn good. Imagine how much more he could have done with just a little less Republican anger at his having been elected. Perhaps he should have tried being an overbearing, pompous, windbag, braggart.

  10. Norman says:

    Trump has the know-how and is surrounded by doers, who can help rebuild the economy, improve foreign relations, and make this nation great again. It will take time to undo Obama’s damage, but with a 72% approval rating, watch for great things to happen by 2020. Hopefully, the dangers of future wars may be minimized, but only time will determine the outcome.

  11. Tom says:

    Can’t wait until Obuma gets the Hell out of Dodge. To Chris Matthews: that tingel you felt on your leg was just your dog peeing on it!

  12. Tom says:

    I can’t wait for Obuma to get the Hell out of Dodge! To Chris Matthews: that tinkle you felt on your leg was just your dog peeing on it.

  13. jackel01 says:

    After 8 years D. Trump’s message is hopeful and, he sounds like a leader for positive change for Ameriica. A year ago a man on the street said, after all, D. Trump is a successful business man and government is a business—he can’t do any worst than the current bimbo running the country.

  14. Thomas says:

    I wasn’t sure I would live to see another Republican president. The liberal media led me to think our country was bulging at the seems with liberals because of Liberalism. Thank God I was wrong. Make no mistake, this is a mandate. The President elect, and we the people, have 8 years to turn this country around. It will take more years to change the hearts of man, as we have endured over 40 years of Liberalism to infest our way of life, but at least we will be steered in the right direction. If this happens, America is back ! Thomas

  15. JD says:

    That $2.8 has been a figure I have never heard, but I am willing to bet if that number ‘was’accurate that would have been $2.8B EACH as there are TWO Air Force One’s being built, get it¿ …..He got FORD to decide to manufacture their new cars in Ohio rather than Mexico as they had planned. ….Carrier – who gives a FF what the ‘head-count’ was, he did save many of those jobs and set a precedence for other corporations.- So he has also generated tariffs (that’s taxes) for the U.S. from Carrier for what they do build down there. ….APPLE is bringing manufacturing back to USA. ……Trump has done this in 7 weeks and he hasn’t even taken office yet. ….You can yell and throw a tissy-fit, slander Trump, cut him off at the knees, but it still won’t change his success rate. ….I do my own numbers, so I got his financial disclosure form that was released by the Federal Election Commission. – They required Trump to list all entities for which he serves as an executive. – Of the 515 listed in the disclosure, 268 of them—52%—contain his last name, others do not. I also have that 6 page list. …..People love to talk about his four bankruptcies, but these FOUR bankruptcy’s were Chapter 11’s to where the business is under “reconstruction” and people / venders / suppliers get paid at a slower rate and is NO burden to the U.S. tax payer. – – *NOTE: Atlantic City completely folded BUT Trump was the LAST casino to leave. …….So here is Donald Trump’s success rate. Out of the 515 business’s over a 40+ year span (he also helped save other businesses that never made the news of course that he does not own).

    – Taking the number of 4 BK-11’s out of the 515 business’s is 0.77669902912621% of 515.
    – This makes Donald Trump’s success rate 99.22331
    – That makes Donald Trumps failure rate a fraction of ONE PERCENT and that is over FORTY YEARS, and I’ll accept those numbers any day!

    Hope this answered some of your questions PI. ….Work and vote off ‘facts & logic’ NOT your emotions as no one and I mean NO ONE can afford their emotions – not even Donald Trump – so he has to make some hard decisions to make and tough love starts at home. …..But don’t worry! ….He is not going to ‘make’ you go to work, – he will only create the opportunity. …….PS: How’s that last “emotional” vote been working out for you the last eight years!

  16. Mike says:

    I doubt Chris Matthews is getting a tingle up his leg – bet that’s good news for Trump too.

  17. PeterPalms says:

    Obama is guilty of derreliction of duty, I think

  18. PeterPalms says:

    He will be found guilty of dereliction of duty and perhaps treason
    or reasons mentioned by Craig Roberts http://www.paulcraigroberts.org/category/articles/

  19. Jake says:

    He is going to do a lot of great things. He has already saved us jobs with Carrier as they are staying in the USA now. Donald Trump made things happen there close to a month ago.

  20. Pj says:

    How did the Boeing Deal save taxpayer money? The projected cost was $2.8 Billion and Trump had the president of Boeing promise to keep it under $4 Billion. He gave Boeing an extra $1,2 Billion. And what about the 1000 Carrier jobs still going to Mexico? And what about Rexnord down the road from Carrier? They are shipping jobs to Mexico too? Why isn’t Trump doing anything about that?

    1. Mike says:

      and the uninformed idiot continues to post.

    2. Jake says:

      Pj those jobs are secure here in the USA . There was even media coverage on it as well. Trump ironed out a deal with the CEO of Allied Signal and Carrier to retain those jobs and create more jobs as they are expanding operations in Indiana.

    3. Mike says:

      He’s not president yet fruit loops

    4. insideman says:

      you got it ass backwards. The proposal from Boeing was 4.8 Billion. Trump got it down to 2.8 Billion saving the tax payers 2 Billion Dollars and yes, Carrier is staying in Indy saving 1100 jobs. What left winged idiot teacher in school taught you math and finding facts?

      1. Glen says:

        The gentleman above was correct. Boeing never quoted a 4 + million quote I believe it was a 3.2 million quote maybe less to start with for 2 planes. Carrier only retained 800 jobs and that had more to do with Pence giving them 7 million over 10 years than anything Trump did , it was all grandstanding. I am about 20 miles from the carrier plant which produces Furnaces not AC .

  21. Marcel says:

    “The oppressed are allowed once every few years to decide which particular representatives of the oppressing class are to represent and repress them in parliament.”
    Vladimir Lenin

  22. Ramon says:

    The same ‘force’ will still control ALL! The thicko dummy voters will NEVER get it. They believe everything they have been trained from childhood to believe. it will NEVER EVER change. Oh, it changes around from time to time, but they always ensure the right ones do the ‘shuffleing’

    The people ALWAYS, repeat ALWAYS get the government it DESERVES. So, they can’t reallly grumble.

  23. Marcel says:

    More fake news-this buffoon actually has a 38% approval rating, the record for the lowest ever approval rating for a president-elect. When you report on his impeachment, and then his trial in the Senate, please employ a reporter who is in touch with the facts.

  24. HOFFHACK says:

    This poll must have some weird questions! you have
    71% hopeful
    61% optimistic
    51% excited
    50% anxious
    I just don’t get how come up with those numbers! I think that the only people who are anxious are anxious for this last 8 years to be “O-V-E-R-!”

  25. Renea says:

    must of only polled drumpf supporters and double counted the votes

  26. John says:

    I regret this Country wasted 8 years on the Obama administration , Obama himself seemed like a nice guy who was very generous to special interest groups but he was hardly Presidential material and I’m being kind in saying that .

  27. Connie says:

    I am more hopeful and excited about 2017 than I’ve been in the past 8 years. Obozo’s legacy is nothing but hate, divisiveness and hopelessness. There is renewed hope for America with the demise of the most corrupt regime in American history.

    1. Marcel says:

      another useful idiot duped by republican lies.

    2. Brenda says:

      Marcel just can’t help being rude it must have been bread into him early, just exactly accusing you of what he is doing….
      I agree we have hope, we survived the Jihadist-in-Chief! The race bating & the INVASION!
      This proves how strong we are,

    3. Johnny says:

      Good post Connie !

  28. William says:

    We , the people of American made it even with Obama in charge, so making it with President Trump in charge will be a piece of cake … Obama is worried about his legacy, which consists of vacations, Rioting, destruction, more vacations, and turning the world against the United States of America … Obama should get his due when it comes to his legacy, and it would be truthful and not sugar coated for the sake of his followers … Obama has nothing that would really constitute a legacy , he is the worse thing that ever happened to America . I only hope he gets what he deserves and not what he wants … President Trump should eradicate his legacy and prosecute Obamas, Clinton, Lynch, Holder and a bunch more of the criminals in Obama’s administration …

    1. Connie says:

      Amen and amen. Soros has lost America, and hopefully Pres. Trump will honor Vlad’s international arrest warrant and send Soros and sonny boy the hell to Russia for good! Go, Vlad and Pres. Trump. These two leaders care about their people and countries. Thank GOD for the will of the American people being expressed loud and clear. And just because I hate him, hoping Elijah Cummings, Pocohantas, Waters, Pelosi and the damn rinos will be rejected by their constituants for the evil, anti-American idiots they are!

    2. Wandell says:

      William, you are so right! You spelled it our exactly like it is! It is unfortunate that we have wasted 8 years and caused more heartache all over the world, put our country in debt that will take generations to pay off, but we did learn a lesson, charge and convict the very next politician or anyone else that com mitts treason against the United States. We WILL not turn the other cheek as most Americans did with obama. We have had enough of this with the current administration.

    3. Marcel says:

      Jesus, what a bunch in in-bred, fact-ignoring, white supremacists, hate-mongering racist republican Comrade Trumpovki dupes! Please go back into your pathetic right-wing bubbles, you’re stinking up the comments!

      1. Norman says:

        Marcel, you must have bet and lost a fortune on the witch, which would account for your hysterical ranting against Trump and the GOP. I hear McDonald’s is still hiring, so there’s hope for you yet.

    4. Johnny says:

      Well said , William !

  29. Irene says:


    1. Marcel says:

      yeah, now that you and your religio-fascist ilk have elected the anti-christ! You know why Orange Julius is a comb-over boy? It’s to hide the “666” branded on his pointed head.

  30. Dennis says:

    The first thing Trump has to do is erase everything that Barry has done since 08 and make it like he never was,he is a black mark on this country that no one should be proud of.

    1. David says:

      No racism intended I hope! 🙂
      The sooner the USA forgets about obummer the happier y’all will be.

    2. Marcel says:

      Considering all the good thing President Obama did during his administration, Orange Julius is going to need a box of erasers.

  31. adlerman says:

    gas prices up 45 cents a gallon since trump was elected- just the beginning people- and skip the refinery repair BS Rusty.

    1. ezaircon4jc says:

      I don’t now where you buy gas, but here in The People’s Repubik gas prices haven’t changed much in the last 4 months. For the first time in years gas prices are pretty stable.

    2. Marcel says:

      Excellent point, Alderman-and it’s going to get worse until Orange Julius is impeached and removed from office.

  32. adlerman says:

    Rusty- you need to get out of your mom’s basement from time to time to update your view of the world.

  33. adlerman says:

    Nothing’s changed. The same low IQ people who voted for him still think he’ll save their dumb a**es. Not gonna happen unless he really does put Walter White in charge of the FDA then those losers can load up on blue ice and their miserable lives will end happy.

    1. Frances says:

      When Donald won it was a huge relief for the middle class. I’m spanish/american, and I can tell by the way I feel now, that half of the country feel the same way. I thought, that the NIGHTMARE of Obama presidency was never ending. I’m very optimistic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2. Robert says:

      Hey IDOLMAN, Get ready to start job hunting the odumbass gravy train is pulling into the station and going out of service.

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