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Sarah Palin, Kid Rock, and Ted Nugent Meet with President Trump at White House

Unlike Barack Obama, President Donald J.Trump is a man of the people. Throughout his 2016 presidential campaign, Trump spoke about issues that mattered to the average voter such as the economy, illegal immigration, and taxes.

Throughout his eight years in office, Barack Obama would frequently surround himself with Hollywood’s champagne socialists and liberal elites, attending high-dollar California fundraisers on a regular basis. In contrast, Donald Trump funded his own campaign, and refused to be bought and sold by special interests. Trump’s pledge to fight for the average American paid off as he defeated Hillary Clinton in one of the biggest upsets in American history.

While President Trump refuses to surround himself with Hollywood elites, he has garnered the support of some of the very few conservative celebrities, those that share his message of economic prosperity, limited government, and a strong military. On Wednesday night, Sarah Palin, Kid Rock, and Ted Nugent visited President Trump in the White House, taking pictures with the president.

Here’s one photo that Governor Sarah Palin posted on her Facebook page of the guests in the Oval Office:

The former Alaska Governor also took to Twitter to thank President Trump for the White House invitation:

Rocker Ted Nugent also posted a picture with President Trump:


In an blog post for Deer & Deer Hunting Magazine, Nugent explained that they “discussed specifically the counterproductive follies of the Endangered Species Act and the Environmental Protection Agency, as well as the US Fish & Wildlife Service, [Bureau of Land Management] and other out of control bureaucracies.”

Unsurprisingly, many liberals took to Twitter to freak out over the celebrities spotted with President Trump:

Liberals can’t stand that millions of hard-working Americans support Palin, Nugent, and Kid Rock and are supporters of President Trump. The left hates any celebrity that doesn’t toe the Democrat line, and thus will attack conservative celebrities every chance they get.

Kid Rock, Sarah Palin, and Ted Nugent are proud patriotic Americans who stood by Donald J. Trump when others wouldn’t. President Trump values loyalty tremendously, and these three American icons were rewarded with their loyalty with a trip to the White House!

H/T: Fox News

Are you a excited that Sarah Palin, Kid Rock, and Ted Nugent had the opportunity to visit President Trump at the White House? Share your thoughts below!