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CNN’s Poppy Harlow Mistakes ‘Star Spangled Banner’ For French National Anthem

Proving once again that CNN only employs the best and the brightest, anchor Poppy Harlow apparently didn’t recognize the “Star Spangled Banner” on Thursday, instead mistaking it for the French national anthem.


Harlow was covering President Trump’s arrival in Paris, France to meet with French president Emmanuel Macron. After the two world leaders shook hands, they stood together as a band played the United States national anthem.

However, Harlow cut to the scene by saying, “Let’s just listen in to the French national anthem for just a moment.”

Maybe Harlow simply misspoke – President Trump is visiting France, after all. But at least ten seconds passed before whispering could be heard in the background and Harlow finally corrected her error. Watch the awkward video below:

For reference, here’s the French national anthem, “La Marseillaise.” It sounds nothing like the American national anthem:

Again: only the best from CNN.



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