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Hundreds of Illegal Alien Voters Discovered in Philadelphia

How common is voter fraud, really? There’s no one answer I can give you, because estimates vary widely among studies.

When trying to present voter fraud as a non-problem, it’s common for liberals to point solely to documented cases of voter fraud. The oft-cited statistic liberals use is that there have only been 31 documented cases of voter fraud. Now, given the lack of photo-IDs in most states, it’s nearly impossible to catch someone in the act of committing voter fraud, which could explain the low number.

As The Federalist’s John Gibbs puts it, “does the fact that 109 people were cited for jaywalking in Seattle in 2009 mean that only 109 people jaywalked in Seattle that year?  Does the fact that 103,733 people were cited for driving without a seat-belt in Tennessee in 2015 mean that only that many people were driving without seatbelt in Tennessee in 2015? Obviously not.”

We do know that there’s a lot of potential for voter fraud. For example, the Election Integrity Project California found 11 California counties that have more registered voters than voting-age citizens.

We also know that there were 6,500 out-of-state voters who voted in New Hampshire in the 2016 presidential election, which may have tipped the scales in favor of Hillary Clinton. I suppose it’s time to revise that “31 documented cases” figure, eh?

What many people forget is that since we have the Electoral College, even a small amount of voter fraud in a small state can swing the results. Imagine what a few thousand fraudulent votes in Florida could’ve done to the 2000 presidential election, for instance.

And now, even more evidence of voter fraud has been uncovered in the city of Philadelphia. The Washington Times reports: “hundreds of noncitizens were registered to vote in Philadelphia over the last decade, and at least 90 of them actually ended up casting ballots that should never have been allowed, City Commissioner Al Schmidt said Wednesday, adding more fuel to complaints of bogus voting in U.S. elections.”

The report continues: “The voters are all self-admitted noncitizens who went back and canceled their registrations later — but not before casting illegal ballots a total of 227 times in elections in 2006 and 2007.”


So not only was it voter fraud – it was voter fraud committed by illegal aliens. Do you think there’s any doubt as to what party they cast their ballots for?

Of course not. If Democrats weren’t the primary beneficiaries of voter fraud, they wouldn’t also be the chief deniers of its existence in the first place.

And here’s the kicker: This all happened thanks to a bill signed into law by President Bill Clinton. One woman who was deported last month for voting illegally claimed that she didn’t know any better. According to The Washington Times report, Margarita Fitzpatrick, a non-citizen, said that she was confused when she was at the D.M.V. over registering to vote. After being busted for illegally voting, here’s what happened: “The panel of judges in that case said the 1993 Motor-Voter law created a tricky situation since it forbids officials from saying anything that might discourage someone from registering.”

Thanks, President Clinton!



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