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  1. Raymond says:

    If they fire Hannity, I will get my news from the Internet and elsewhere. They need to get rid of Shep Smith years ago…Murdock Jr. sounds like an elitist prick and will likely kill the golden goose his Father built. Too bad.

  2. Donna says:

    If FOX fires Sean Hannity I’m DONE with them. I hardly watch them now!

  3. Mike says:

    I have been very upset at Hannity for deserting conservatives, stabbing us in the back with his support for Trump and the things he has said about Ted Cruz and others who are conservative. I have quit watching all news, but when I do turn it on, which is now rarely, it is to Fox News, at it has been the only channel where there is any consistent conservative voice. The Murdochs are not conservatives, so they have been in this to make money, and now it seems they care more about the destruction of conservatives, just like all other networks. It they do get rid of Hannity, as upset as I am at him, I will not even bother to turn Fox on even the few times I now do so.

  4. Gene says:

    The new powers that be at Fox do not care if you do not watch Fox anymore….. The higher powers than them have determined they can not rule this nation as long as Fox remains as it has been.

  5. Steve says:

    Sean and Bill are too good to work for anyone that believes the DNC robots that are filing all of the complaints against them; probably via email… They’ll not stop until the very last Trump supporter is gone and this is exactly what they want no matter who they have to lie to or about,,, I’ll bet that Soros, Clinton and Obama are sitting back laughing at the idiots as they dismiss employees that put them where they are…. When there’s only fake news left these little snowflake crybabies will think they have won something and they will finally come to realize that they are nothing at all but pawns in the Soros, Clinton and Obama chess game…

  6. Linda says:

    If Fox gets rid of Sean Hannity, or Judge Jeanine, Fox is shooting themselves in the foot. I will never watch Fox again if they do, I am still so angry about them getting rid of Bill as I always thought a person is innocent til proven guilty.

  7. Mimi says:




    I think that FOX has become too liberal—every show on almost every segment they were arguing with a libtard—if I wanted to listen to a libtard all the time I’d go to a different station and watch THIER libtards! What and how that did it to Bill O’ Reilly is shameful–the Mudocks need to watch it if they want their FOX NEWS to continue at all!!! the left libtards won again—–sad!!!

  8. NeeNee says:

    If you dare get rid of Sean Hannity I WILL NEVER WATCH FOX AGAIN. I have a feeling Fox will lose the conservative base if they cross OUR RED LINE. You go liberal you go to hell.

  9. Kenneth says:

    Sorry FOX you have made a big error and I will not tolerate this dumb move. I’ve gone along with the 50.5 % who said they will be gone since Bill O was shafted by the 4 Murdochs who have taken over. I hope Sean and the others stay. I will have to read about the outcome since I will no longer have FOX on my TV…… BYE BYE

  10. Michael says:


  11. Barry says:

    with reports surfacing that those with major connections to Clinton foundation were behind this, it is getting very scary for the Constitution. good thing Trump was elected and the courts will be shaped by him in the near future.

    As to if Sean is Axed, he still has radio and if one follows him on radio and TV one realizes that a lot of what happens on radio gets repeated on the TV show.

  12. Karen says:

    Hannity has a definite place at Fox News. Is this a rumor, more fake news ? All Fox News watchers need to pick up Lou Dobbs show on Fox Business. I started before the election and I never looked back. Not so much of this “fair and balanced” stuff. Who needs to hear some Dem pundit deliver a rehearsed speech night after night. What a waste of my time. Non of that on Lou. He is on at 4pm PST, and repeated at 7pm, PST.

  13. Karen says:

    I’m gone if Sean Hannity goes. I am tired of the corrupt media and corrupt government!

  14. Les says:

    Aw, another poor sleazy little butt hurt snowflake about to get the boot. GOOD RIDDANCE!

  15. Karen says:

    I hope they do get rid of Sean Hannity because I love him, but I gave up Fox after the first debate. It would be great for Sean and O’Reilly to start their own network for us Conservatives! Fox just committed hari kari by firing Bill O’Reilly, and they will really implode if they get rid of Hannity! People everywhere are cutting their cable TV subscriptions and watching TV through the Internet, and we don’t need Fox or any of the other FAKE NEWS! I’m saving lots of money every year by not paying for TV!

  16. Luci says:

    What I would LOVE to see, would be a totally Conservative news media that isn’t owned by a bunch of billionaire egotistical PUPPETS! A “Virgin Voice” who could not be wooed and who could NOT be bought by Politicians, Progressive Prigs, or Fraudulent Freaks! Who needed Slimy Slaves to mouth their denials and “raw-egg” walk them through the “hurricanes” they stir up! With their self-gratifying greed, nonsense-no-sense stupidity and more “cover-ups” than grannies corn-shuck mattress with five quilts per bed!

  17. Joseph says:

    While Sean and Tucker will sometimes challenge the NYT/WP fake news, more often than not Fox will parrot the British/Soros line. Eg. on anything having to do with Russia or “regime change.” When Judge Napolitano got it right on GCHQ spying on President Trump he was punished by the network. It should not be forgotten that Rupert Murdoch is a British subject and close friend and ally of ultra-Globalist Tony Blair and can be expected to push the British (anti-American) line.This has more to do with Sky news than O’Reilly. Fox would better to have canned raving lunatic Shepard Smith.

  18. divadawnz says:

    Rupert Murdock must be getting really senile….he letting his two spoiled brat sons destroy the number 1 news show. After what they did to Bill O’Reilly…I’m done. I am now subscribed to Mark Levin TV. I’ve had enough.

    1. Les says:

      Don’t you really mean the number one propaganda station? The one that tells narrow-minded conservatives exactly what they want to hear? How ironic if Rupert Murdock has become as senile and stupid as Donald Trump! 😉

      1. James says:

        Spoken like a liberal fascist.

  19. Eva Marie says:

    I have been watching Fox News since the 90’s and I loved watching The Factor, Hannity and Colmes, Greta Sustern it was almost a daily conversation with co-workers. We Conservatives finally felt like there was a voice for us on cable news. Over the years I noticed little changes here and there but nothing radical until the past few years. Murdoch has to get rid of his two Liberal sons or Fox News will lose its’ #1 rating and he may lose Fox News altogether If Hannity goes so do I. I’ll get my news on my favorite Conservative sites. Fox is no longer fair and balanced instead it has become a Liberal leaning news show.

  20. Ursula says:

    If that happens then Bill and Sean ought to get together and form their own network. Oprah did it so can they. I would watch them then. We don’t need another liberal MSM network we need the people who support Trump and show the actual news not fake news.

  21. Charles says:

    It would appear that Fox News is turning liberal. First it was Glen Beck. Then Van Sustren. Then Kelly. Then O’Reilly. So if Hannity goes, I’m out of there. I will continue to watch Fox Business.

  22. Dennis says:

    Never hit a man when he is down!

    Kick him, it’s easier! For years the only news I watch is the weather …… can’t even trust that anymore.

  23. Timothy says:

    FOX was a big influence in presenting news, other than the commie pabulum of the main stream who jumped on the “Never Trump” band wagon. This is unacceptable to George Soros and all the other socialist wealth that hates FOX and its conservative stars, so guess what? FOX has to be destroyed as we know it…no matter what kind of intrigue need be applied. In a way it’s good, because if FOX becomes too powerful, they’ll become too sloppy and self centered…then where are we? Their fate is not controlled by them but to a greater degree by right thinking people who do the watching. Let’s see what evidence comes from the O”Reilly thing and how other good people are treated. Let’s see how Tucker, Dobbs, and the others are treated.

  24. busc66 says:

    First O’Reilly and now Sean. Fox is turning liberal like all the other news channels. Tucker is OK but he is not an O’Reilly and never will be. The Five at 9pm, what a joke, is a show that is a waste of my time. A group of people sitting around talking is something I can find at home. About as informative as looking at the leaves on my trees. I like Martha Macallom but she does not cut it as a nighttime host. She allows liberals to spout their party talking points, many of which are totally incorrect. I watch Lou Dobbs on FBC but he will probably be gone soon, too. Rupert’s boys are liberal to the core, like Obama who tried to destroy our country, and are set to totally destroy Fox News. Their knowledge of TV programming is so sparse Fox News popularity will slowly disappear and Rupert will say, good job. The only time I can watch now is during the day and Hannity at night, for now. It was good while it lasted, I hope the boys like being brought down to the likes of MSNBC because thats where they are headed. They’ll probably put another joke like The Five in Hannity’s time slot, like The Outsiders, pure nonsense.

  25. nvsbl2 says:

    FOX was supposed to BE the “fair and balance” to all the other media. It was smart business to tap into those who weren’t liberals but had no representation in the media for their beliefs and thoughts, and for news that wasn’t left-biased. When they began peopling with the likes of Juan, they began to lose audience of the very demographic they were created to target. I don’t care about O’Reilly. He was an inconsistent source. The only people who thought FOX “sucks” are those who just don’t want to hear another side. FOX has been losing a lot of audience in the last couple years. They are cutting their own throats to become another liberal media. I think for myself, I research ALL I hear, I compare alternative sources for responsible and factual reporting. I don’t have to LIKE the truth to accept that it is truth. I already don’t watch FOX.

  26. adlerman says:

    Many people have told me that fox sucks- really bigly- you’ll see- the dropout hannity must go. There is nothing conservative about fox- deplorables are using that term in place of what they are- racist ignoramous losers. Sad.

    1. nvsbl2 says:

      adlerman: what a biased and unfactual, emotion-led speech. “Many people have told me”…have you watched it and decided for yourself? You let others just tell you? You are obviously a liberal. Why must Hannity go…because you liberals don’t like him? Of course FOX isn’t Conserv now…..it only started out that way as a good business move by Rupert Murdoch. The “racist, ignoramous (sp. ignoramus) losers” are those who wanted the likes of Hillary or socialist (=liberal) Bernie. Everyone is racist but them, no one has intelligence but them…..what “superior” people!

      1. Les says:

        I guess Rupert Murdoch doesn’t share you fascist ideals anymore. Deal with it , snowflake! 😉

        1. James says:

          Moral nihilists and crude vulgarians like you represent the modern incarnation of fascism.

  27. Paul says:

    FOX’s latest hire of Marie “jihadi job fair’ Harf and installing her as an ‘expert’ sucks… She is a part of the Obama shadow government….

  28. Darla says:

    Fox news was the only Conservative news station I could trust to tell the truth. I hate thinking that liberals will be hosting it now This is the end of Fox News as we know it!

    1. Les says:

      Ding Dong the Witch is Dead!!!

  29. Melba says:

    If Murdoch fires Sean then they will no longer be a conservative news station and will most probably lose a huge number of regular watchers as we are already covered up in liberal crap.

    1. adlerman says:

      Melba- what bright parents you had. They named you after toast.

      1. nvsbl2 says:

        alderman: what an obvious, mean liberal you are!

        1. Les says:

          Another butt hurt conservative snowflake. Run to your safe space!

      2. Mark says:

        What a bright person you are? You are named after a flower from a tree. Are you a burned-out hippie too?

  30. Trixie says:

    My God, if Sean is the next to go, then there will no longer be a Fox News!!!! What is the matter with the people at Fox? They have the top rated news program for years and nobody can even come close to them. Why would they get rid of O’Reilly, and now maybe Sean Hannity? They are the best of Fox. It would be wonderful if there was another station that would take on, Bill O’Reilly, Sean Hannity, Stuart Verney, Neil Cavuto, Judge Napolitano, Judge Jeanine Piro, Tucker Carlson, Jesse Waters, Lou Dobbs, Laura Ingraham, Monica Crowley, Kimberly Guilfoyle, and the like and put them in their line-up. It would quickly rise to be the No,1 news station on TV!!!! Fox would follow in the footsteps of CNN, MSNBC, CBS, NBC and the rest of the Fake News Media that caters to the LEFT, and they all could cry together at their low ratings!!! Fox will keep the bloated, red cheeked, drunk, Bob Beckel, the idiot Juan Williams, the A– Hole has been, Geraldo, and the Gay Caballero, Shep Smith, that B–ch, Julie Roginsky. They all deserve each other.

    1. Les says:

      Oh no! Where ever will the tin foil hat conservative conspiracy theorists get their “news:” now????

  31. Bill says:

    This may be the perfect opportunity for the Koch Brothers, or another conservative, venture capitalist, to construct an alternative network, to not only compete with FOX, but improve and surpass their new found political success thanks to Donald Trump. I wouldn’t be surprised if president Trump, via his sons or Steve Bannon, put their muscle behind a new conservative network, that hired O’Reilley, Hannity, Tucker Carlson, Kimberley Guilfoyle and the rest of the FOX conservative people to claim 50% of the news market.

    1. Mark says:

      O’Reilly, Hannity, Tucker, Dobbs and others should join up with rich conservative backers, like the Kochs or Trumps to start a new network. Obviously, since Fox is the number one cable news network and O’Reilly not taking losing viewers (per Advertising Age magazine) and O’Reilly having the number one (“Killing the Rising Sun”) and number three best-selling books on the NY Times lists, plus number one on Amazon, there’s a much larger market for conservative views.

    2. Mark says:

      To understand what has and is happening, you have to know about Ruppert Murdoch’s sons. His son James, head of 20th Century Fox, has a wife who is on the Clinton Climate Initiative Board of Directors. She has also openly tweeted her dislike of Trump. The other son Lachlan, his wife worked on the Hillary campaign. It appears that this younger group of relatives will try and impose their views on Fox. But it will cost them billions in lost revenues because conservatives will leave Fox. They need to remember that O’Reilly not only made billions for Fox and had the number one rated cable tv news show, he also had the NY Times number one best-selling book (“Killing the Rising Sun”) and NY Times number three best-selling book (“Old School”). Americans who support O’Reilly and Hannity will be gone and Murdoch’s children will be left with an empty shell, having lost billions.

    3. Karen says:

      That’s my dream!!! I stopped watching Fox after the first debate. I even cut my cable because that was the only station I watched. Let the libs have it, and that opens the door for a truly conservative network to emerge! It would be great to have a channel you could watch with your kids in the room.

    4. Les says:

      They could call it “Fascist Fools of AmeriKKKa,” and use the swastika as the station logo!

    5. Mike says:

      The Koch Brothers could do it. This would be amazing, as they would not put up with the crap even Fox has.

  32. James says:

    WHy is it all the women on Fox at always showing off their legs and boobs then claim harassment
    if you don’twant looking cover it up. Why is it the women do not
    wear slacks on FOX News

    1. Les says:

      Why is it Fox News junkies are as semi-literate and sexist as their Mandarin Mussolini?

  33. James says:

    Fox was the only news network that reported the news openly. You get rid of the people that make it great and keep jerks like Shepard Smith and Bob Bickel and juan Williams.
    I will just quit watching Fox completely. Mr Murdoch had better rein in his stupid sons who are going to destroy a great news Program.

  34. Doc says:

    If Hannity goes, I believe I will buy stock in CRTV. Maybe O’Reilly, Hannity, Tucker, and a few more will go there. Then FOX can join with CNN and they can go to hell together.

    1. Dorothy says:

      I agree.. Dems and Libs have been trying forever to break FOX NEWS.. They found out how to do it through the stupid womens lib crap… I am a woman 77 years old… I think these younger woman take this sexual harassment WAY TO FAR.. Just because some man says something casual like “that is a beautiful dress… looks great on you” …. they go ballistic… I worked in an office all my working career.. You will always run into 1 or 2 jerks… If you have any brains, you know how to handle that… Men will only go as far as you LET them.. I think that most of these things are only to SUE someone to get money or attention.. ..

  35. Yvonne says:

    I watch Hannity

  36. busterak1 says:

    Wow how soon they forget! Fox News was saved once from being laced in with the rest of the Main Stream Media over their Trump Bashing and now they are talking about the very same people that saved their company and i do not include the no talented United States President Bashing, Trump Bashing Shepard Smith in the talent that brought FOX NEWS back from disaster. We all thought that Fox had pulled their heads out of their Asses. Apparently we were wrong and this must be the signal that Fox is back up for sale for whoever can afford to pay for writing the next FAKE news story. It is truly history to watch all of these Main Stream Media Networks lose their credibility at one time. These companies support the likes of Megyn Kelly and Shepard Smith. Two famous liar’s responsible for bringing down FOX NEWS. Great Management fellas’!

  37. Michael says:

    I will watch Hannity and Judge and Waters anyone of them goes so do I.

    1. Alicewonder says:

      I will watch Hannity, Lou Dobbs, Judge Janine, Watters only!

  38. Michael says:

    Nothing like watching your ratings go from 1st to worst. Murdoch’s are obviously controlled by Soros and his long reach.

  39. Beulah says:

    If FOX fires Sean Hannity, I will Boycott Fox News! Bill O’Reilly should sue Fox News and the Women who lied about him. Make them take it to court and prove it.

    1. adlerman says:

      What a lovely throwback name- not.
      Fox already paid $13 million for those women not to make it public. Do you really think repugnants pay out that kind of money if there isn’t fire under the smoke? There are recordings of O’Reilly acting like a douche over the phone with a producer. You’re as dumb as trump.

  40. Chuck says:

    AAWWWWWWWWWW. msnbc and cnn got together and had a baby. fox no more fair and balanced news. SEE WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU GIVE CONTROL TO TO SPOILED LIBTARD KIDS!!BYE EN FOX NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  41. Jim says:

    Fox News is on it’s way to be the new MSNBC in the ratings wars. Too bad.

  42. Looneytoons says:

    When I first heard that O’Reilly was under attack, I knew that Hannity would be next. Fox News Channel is going LIBTARD! I noticed the movement last fall and shortly thereafter, stopped watching. Sean is about as far from liberal as you can get, so of course he has got to go! I’m just surprised they didn’t give “The Factor” to Juan Williams and Megyn Kelly’s show to that twink, Shep Smith!

    1. Dorothy says:

      Yep….. I hope these Conservative guys get their own network show… I will certainly watch.. and NEVER watch FOXNEWS again…

  43. Dennis says:

    You are keeping Shepard Smith and Juan Williams shows me there should be a psychiatrist checking the sanity of the owners of this now despicable Fox “news”. What turn to the left you are making and now there will be nothing but fake news all across the board with ALL the stations now.. There is no way of depending on any news media now. You have taken a jump off a cliff following the other lemming stations. What a sad day for America. I will never watch your new brand of “news” ever!!

    1. John says:

      There is still one network that we can trust to be conservative and give us news from around the world 25/7/ That network is OAN One American News. Unfortunately, it is not broadcast everywhere. I get it though my AT&& U Verse connection.

  44. Bettie says:

    If Hannity goes, the door will be closed on the Conservative base that made Fox the best news. The other networks are only fake news and do not report anything but social left leanings. I will quit Fox news if they decide to become leftists. We want a base for those of us who want our country to be a Republic with the U.S. Constitution the laws of our land. Fox, chase the others down the rabbitt hold and you become no different and therefore have no credibility. Get back in the Conservative game or you’ll have no followers……….PERIOD.

  45. Nick says:

    I would not be surprised if we see a new cable network built up of all the former Fox News conservative host including O’Reilly and others. It will be a network that does not broadcast leftist propaganda just to claim that it is “fair and balanced”. It will broadcast the truth and it will destroy Fox and all the other propaganda machines.

  46. Sayedna says:

    How come FOX keeps Shepherd Smith? He doesn’t even try to hide his anti-conservative bias, and constantly makes snide remarks under his breath when interviewing some guests. Could it be because he is gay?

    1. Gordon says:

      Yes, Shep is gay. Why does he not have a gold band on that left hand 3rd finger?

  47. Mary says:

    If FOX new goes left..who do we have to rely on in opposition of Socialism and invasion? Is this true, or has the left struck again with it”s dirty work…

  48. Gene says:

    The one worlder Liberals know they must destroy the voice of Fox before they can dominate the propaganda media machine.

  49. Marilyn says:

    Fox News’ claim to fame is they are supposed to be fair and balanced. If they are going to be like ABC. CBS. CNN,.MSNBC and NBC, they are no longer unique and then they have nothing to offer.

    1. Gordon says:

      Marilyn, you certainly “hit the nail on the head”.
      I’ll follow Stu Varnry, Neil Couvoto and Lou Dobbs no matter where they go. Tucker is a refreshing change to the 8:00 PM time slot.
      Maria Bartoromo would be a nice addition to FoxNews but who replaces her in the wee hours on FBN?

  50. Barbara says:

    MaYBE you should look at the agenda the women that accusing Bill of whatever charges they are throwing at him, I am a pretty open minded person, hard for me to believe that you are letting him go because of harassment charges, hope they have been checked out without any possible agenda. We like to watch Fox because they are the only station that you can get both sides, the other channels are extremely biased. Barb

  51. David says:

    I will wait and see , if Sean goes , I don’t know what the alternative is . I can’t watch the other Fake News Channels . I guess it will be Rush and Laura .

    1. David says:

      Yes CRTV , I forgot about that . That is a good bunch , YES !!!!!!!!!!!

  52. Joanne says:

    I am very upset Reilly has left. I loved watching him, he is very interesting and love the way he talks and asks questions. He is fair and balanced and I can’t imagine him being racist nor sexually harassing anyone! I THINK BILL O’REILLY SHOULD HAVE HIS OWN NEWS CHANNEL! SCREW FOX! THEY DIDN’T DESERVE HIM, nor did they deserve having Greta or Kelly. Now Sean is the only one left and I like him too. If he leaves, I am totally done with FOX.
    I was very upset when Greta left, then Kelly! I think if Bill Orally get his own news channel, and hires Sean and gets Greta back and Kelly back, it will be quite a news channel!!!! JUST PASSING A IDEA TO BILL AND SEAN!

  53. sahkram says:

    O’reilly was sophomoric, unlike the buffoon, Hannity and his snide buffoon sidekick Tucker carlson. I stopped watching fox news several months ago.

    1. Gordon says:

      Comments from a “baboon”? Weasels can be awfully pesky.

  54. Ron says:

    I think the young Murdoch boys will just turn Fox into another CNN or MSNBC. I guess money isn’t important if you were born will a golden spoon in your mouth.

  55. Tom says:

    It won’t matter to me what they do to Hannity I am already gone.

  56. Sharon says:

    I think this is all a total set up – the Murdoch sons are liberals and they have a plan and it does not include conservatives. So yes Hannity could be next. CRTV may become huge after this witch hunt.

  57. Melva says:

    I am done watching Fox News they are turning into a liberal news station

  58. Susan says:

    What is wrong with these people? Is Fox trying to commit corporate suicide like Netflix, Sears, Home Depot, Best Buy and Target?

    I don’t understand why booming businesses go do stupid things and ruin themselves. Home Depot’s hubris, Target’s restroom policy, Netflix splitting the business between the mail order renting of CDs and supplying cable subscriptions, Sears didn’t take the little startup Walmart seriously and Best Buy, well they just let Customer Service go straight down hill – uh over the cliff.

    If the Murdochs are all crazy to go another direction, they should start up a competitor to Fox. Companies set up competitors for themselves all the time. The Murdochs are really, really rich they can afford it.

    General Motors has Chevy, Cadillac, Buick, GMC and formerly Oldsmobile and Pontiac all competing against each other to get you to buy a new car. A company does not need to commit corporate suicide to branch out into new, innovative businesses.

    Leave Fox alone and let it continue as is. Open up something new and see if it holds water before killing the current Fox.

  59. Maggie says:

    Bill O’Rielly and Sean Hannity are the two reasons I watched Fox News. Tucker Carson it okay, but got old very quickly. The Five I have never been able to watch with any regularity because discussion and topics they have I find totally uninteresting. Fox is turning into another CNN and MSNews! Ugh. Not what most of the American people want.

  60. Patricia says:

    If Sean Hannity goes, that’s it. I’m already just about done with Fox because of them firing O’Reilly. This insanity has got to stop. The Murdochs are as bad as the MSM. I guess that is what they’re opting for. I’m out if this continues. Hannity gone: I’m gone.

    Read more: http://thepoliticalinsider.com/one-day-after-bill-oreilly-fired-fox-news-sean-hannity-trouble/#ixzz4epNKMctw

  61. Angie says:

    My favorite shows were The Five, O’Reilly and Hannity. They got rid of O’Reilly and if Hannity goes, so do I. I’ll find somewhere else to get my news.

  62. Zofia says:

    Will be watching even more often Fox Bussiness News and OAN (One America News)

  63. Samantha says:

    This reminds me so much of the Salem witch trials.

  64. Ben says:

    O’Riely gone is a good thing. I couldn’t stand him and he is exactly the type of man who would sexually assault women.

    Let Hannity go and the network will become the new CNN. I will leave Fox if they do that.

  65. Sally says:

    They won’t solve any of their problems until they get rid of Juan Williams, Geraldo Rivera and Bob Beckel FIRST. These are the ones that should go. So goes Hannity – so goes us ALL!

    1. sahkram says:

      Thank you Sally. those dimbos are just court jesters with nothing to offer but more buffoonery.

    2. Tom says:

      Given what we’re hearing about the Murdoch’s, I would not be surprised if those idiot liberals – Williams, Beckel, and Rivera, are not the next generation of Fox News hosts – along with the current liberal host, Shep Smith..That may please the Murdoch kids & wives, but will really tank Fox News. Ever hear the phrase, “Sandals to sandals in three generations?” Time will tell.

  66. PegMar says:

    As far as I’m concerned. Hannity leaves, so goes Fox News. They say when you have a good thing going, don’t mess with it. If it works, don’t fix it.

  67. Maria says:

    Wow, are they competing for who can be the WORST CHANNEL now that Bill O’Reilly is gone? I hope not because I will be gone as well if they ask Sean Hannity to go. That will definetly be the last straw for me. That’s for sure.

  68. It was obvious to many of us who followed Hannity closely and were his fans that he had been paid off to support Trump in the election. He went from anti-Trump to his most wild-eyed supporter in less than 24 yours. This is probably the smoking gun that will get him fired. Rush did the same thing in the same time frame as Hannity. I was appalled at how obvious it was but people who did not follow Hannity would not have noticed. I was surprised that Fox did not discipline him at the time. Indeed he should lose his job and never work in journalism again. This was instrumental in Trump being able to convince people that he was no longer a lifetime far left liberal ideologue with two of the primary conservative pundits switching from the ideological right to the left supporting Trump overnight. I was shocked, was anyone else?

    1. Karen says:

      That’s not what Rush and Hannity did. They remained neutral during the primaries, although we could infer who they supported. When Trump got the nomination, they SUPPORTED him! They are conservative, and they supported the conservative candidate! That’s what team players do! What did you expect then to do? Start having temper tantrums because their candidate didn’t win like all of the libs are doing???

  69. Terence says:

    First Beck, now O’Reilly? Hannity is just wishful thinking on the part of you writers, but if he winds up going then FOX is utter garbage, just like CNN, MSNBC, ABC, NBC, CBS news. And objectivity, free speech, honestly, and the voice of conservatism on major TV news will be gone. Then we will have news and information no better than fed to Communist controlled nations have. Make no mistake, the Democrat party is just that, the new home of Communism. Censorship will also become heavily used and they will try to shape our minds with distorted opinions and propaganda far worse than it already is. Everything will fall into left wing control as all opposition will no longer have a heard voice. This can all happen much sooner than people think, and our president had better respond to this crisis, if he is not actually a part of it.

  70. Koko says:

    The shakeup reminds me of Stalin Era , when the communist leaders got rid of all people who think differently. It’s not a witch hunt anymore. It’s “North Korea” un-Gunghum style. Stupid new York Times, stupid liberals my ass.

  71. Bill says:

    If your going to fire people and shake it up try putting Geraldo,Shep,Gas bag Beckel,Roginsky and Juan on together for 2 weeks and you’ll see who you need to drop, their ratings would be in the bottom of the tank if they could even last with each other that long

  72. Belva says:

    FOX has cooked it’s own goose, they were the one source most people relied on for reliable news..now we have nothing…they in my opinion are joining ranks with Clinton News Network, All (a)bout Clintons, Clinton Broadcasting Service…Fox used to help identify fake news, now they are backing it by letting all their good people go.sickening, want to get rid of someone, get rid of Juan Williams, Shep Smith, and Bob Beckel…..

  73. Ronald says:

    This is just a big witch hunt by the other networks and Fox executives should be glad they had those people to build their network all these years, why has’nt their personal behavior been questioned way before this if it was so bad? Sounds like a personal vendetta from the other networks or someone on the inside of Fox that did’nt get a promotion.

  74. Henry says:

    I certainly hope that Mr Hannity is not forced out. I was not a big fan of Bill O’Reilly , only watched him from time to time as was with Megan Kelly. My Favorites are Hannity, Tucker , The Five not including Juan Williams and Bill Becker. You can those two , can’t stand either of them. I have other preferences but too much space is needed to list them.

    1. Clayton says:

      if fox news goes liberal on us I can do without it I do have a computer and know how to use it. and find fair and honest news there.

  75. Louise says:

    Fox News is now down in the Fox Hole for good. You need to bring back Bill O’Reilly because he was your main Star on Fox. We have watched Fox News for years because of him & we liked Hannity too. You are now getting too Liberal. You need to get rid of Juan Williams, Bob Beckel, Shepard Smith. We have got to where we watch Fox Business News till Bill O’Reilly show. Lou Dobbs is a big favorite of ours. We like Bret Baier, Tucker Carlson, Hannity, also Neil Cavuto.. So if Bill O’Reilly does not comeback then we will not watch Fox anymore.

  76. Donna says:

    I enjoy Fox, it is the only news station I watch. I am angry about Bill leaving and now possibly Sean. The one thing I enjoy about these two men is that they say it like it is and that is the way it should be, after all we still do have freedom of speech here in America, don’t we? And why all of a sudden these women come out of the wood work with these accusations, come on, I do not believe one word they say. Put Bill back on Fox and leave Sean where he is, they are what the people want.

  77. William says:

    If Fox chances it will mean I will just do without TV news as the other stations are far left and no good to me.

  78. LastTaxPayer says:

    Rupert Murdoch had better get control over his two sons. I have been a FOX fan for years, I would sure hate to see FOX join the list of LibTurd MSM.

  79. Vincent says:

    Screw Fox. If they want to move more to the left then let them go down in flames like the rest of them. Conservatives don’t NEED Fox for a platform. They can start their OWN network!

  80. Angelo says:

    Big media will not be the only entity to fail via their own deeds. Big media have ample vanity to succeed in this suicide; becoming just another buggy whip manufacturer.

  81. Willard says:

    It would appear that Fox is ready to go Liberal, if that is what happens then Fox will become another has been CNN. Hope not but if they continue to fire conservatives what is left?

  82. Angelo says:

    Big Media is not over their propaganda failure of Nov’16. Big media resolution is NOT to wax honest, rather it is to remove dissenters. LOL.

  83. ted says:

    Fox is making a big mistake. They are opening the door for some other media to present the conservative point of view. If they move to the left I will quit watching the left media propaganda on Fox. After all CNN and NBC already put out more of that trash which I can not stomach.

  84. Danni says:

    Kelly Ann gone -good, but Sean presents truth-maybe his interview on 560AM, April 19, 2017, angered the libs with the truth about the military not allowed to save their own lives in the face of enemies, basically had to sacrifice their lives because the muzzie in the white house wanted Americans dead, and isis muzzies to survive and fulfill the queeran. Sic, sick, Fox.

    1. Mary says:

      So true. He hated Americans and wanted us all dead. He IS Isis. They have proven that he and Hilary started them. Isis was used to help destroy America as well as the Middle East. They had the money to buy favor from Obama and Hilary for arms, money, and equipment. (and all of them still free)..

  85. David says:

    Fox news is cleaning house and I can’t blame them.
    Things come out that people we believe in and trust have a dark past and then you’re all so shocked that it happened in the first place.
    You all don’t think they’re as human as the rest of us.
    They did something wrong and unethical and Fox news believes in ethics in the corporate world.
    Why is it so wrong to protect your good name?
    Life goes on people and Fox news will go on and be better off without having to deal with work place harassment.
    Any other corporation would have done the same thing or face a sexual harassment court case.

  86. Donald says:

    I’m with you Jerry. Never was a big fan of O’Reilly but at least he was not a rampant liberal and there’s no questioning he got the ratings. I listen to Sean Hannity and find that he is patio passionate about his desire to see this country turn around and, yes, once Trump had the nomination, he went all in to support him. But leading up to that, he gave any Republican candidate that cared to an opportunity to appear on his show, some just chose not to take the free publicity. He also invited the Dems, but of course they didn’t have the courage to face him.

    If they fire Hannity for being too conservative, then they have just betrayed what made them different from the rest of the lame-stream media and they might as well close up shop.

  87. Harold says:

    I was expecting to find a story not asked to tell one. Miss leading headline as usual.

  88. Terry says:

    If the Murdoch family is wanting to turn Fox news into another CNN, then I, and I imagine, most of the other viewers will be gone. When you use media as a method of expressing your private political opinions, instead of fair and balanced news, it is no longer a news network. As an Independent, I want to know what is happening in the country, not reinforce some extreme political views by watching a network that closely mirrors my own opinions.

  89. Rolland says:

    I Will switch to OAN and if your cable provider does not have it ask for it. It was the second news station next to fox that will tell you the truth and not lie like MSNBC or CNN.

  90. Glen says:

    Wonder where P

    I wonder where PI searched to come up with those pictures of O’Reilly & Hannity. Hope the author is pleased with herself. Nothing like impartial reporting.

  91. Davison says:

    Fox News has been changing since Roger Ailes, a Conservative that built Fox into the leading news organization, was replaced by the Murdoch brothers, James and Lochlan. Their father, Rupert, is a moderate Conservative who is a good businessman. Both James and Lochlan are hard Leftist/Socialists. They are Australians who supported the pro Marxist Labor Party and contributed millions to them. They have also been vocally outspoken against every one of Trump’s policies. Apparently, their father has little say with how they run Fox. By getting rid of the current group of newscasters and journalists they will eventually destroy what Fox News is all about. As such, they will lose millions of followers and the company will slide downhill quickly. In this case the apples did fall far from the tree as they are both business idiots compared to their father.

  92. C P says:

    Fox and the Murdochs best pay attention…..

  93. Mike says:

    Rupert Murdoch and his two sons – Propaganda merchants. Over at The New York Times their majority stockholder is Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim.

    “If you do not read the newspaper you are uniformed – If you do read the newspaper you are misinformed” – Mark Twain

  94. C P says:

    If Sean Hannity goes, that’s it. I’m already just about done with Fox because of them firing O’Reilly. This insanity has got to stop. The Murdochs are as bad as the MSM. I guess that is what they’re opting for. I’m out if this continues. Hannity gone: I’m gone.

  95. Andria says:

    Was glad when Megan Kelly was gone–lost interest with Glenn Beck—O’Reilly was totally obnoxious—–But do not like the idea of not seeing Hannity any longer. Like Lou Dobbs.

  96. Bonnie says:

    Apparently Murdocks’ sons are not as astute as their father has been. Bill O’Reilly and Shawn Hannity are two of the main reasons FOX News became the top cable news source. There is a reason for that; the alternatives CNN, NBC, MSNBC, etc. are run by a bunch of Liberals who manipulate every story to their point-of-view. I’ll not watch any of them. Re-runs of Law and Order would be preferable or I might take up bridge again. FOX won’t be the same without the people who made it great, what are these people thinking? Who will sponsor it if the big stars are gone? I sure won’t watch it if it ends up another CNN or heaven forbid MSNBC.

  97. Tony says:

    I only watched o’rielly when miller was on but have since left fox completely,too much pandering to the left,might as well be watching cbs

  98. Glen says:

    There are 6 TVs in my extended household, and with few exceptions, have all been tuned into Fox nightly from 4 PM to 11 PM for the last 20 years. As of April 19th, 2017 Fox News officially ended, never to return. Not sure what the replacement will be but not Fox. Hoping others will see it my way and protest in a similar fashion. We can live without Fox. Fox cannot live without us.

  99. Alicia says:


  100. Aggie says:

    The New Times is taking credit for the hit on O’Reilly…….they investigated…..mmmm.. I wish Sean would just quit now.

  101. stageangel says:

    I have been pondering, not watching, since Bill’s firing. If Sean goes, I will go.

    1. Deborah says:

      Stageangel: I totally agree. If Sean leaves……. Fox is dead….. and there will only be liberal, leftist on tv…… and at that point, I’ll go back to reading our local newspaper…… As CNN, MSNBC and all those others are IDIOTS !!!!! Who needs to hear all this fake news CRAP………….

  102. Charlie says:

    If FOX is not fair and balanced I’ll get my news from the web

  103. Stephen says:

    I allotted the 5: PM hr. daily to watch O’Reilly, and remained on the fox station and watched Tucker and Hannity. Since the removal of Bill I haven’t tuned in.
    O’Reilly was my reason to watch Fox! I liked Greta, and Megan when she first started, but got tired of her real fast. Tucker is O.K. but not enough to change the station to catch his show. Hannity I like and have been following since the 80’s but he’s so repetitive for the last few years…..

  104. It would appear that biased unfounded and unproven rumors can destroy a Conservative
    News Outlet are either the “new” management is a democrat socialist liberal with no balls
    and no courage. Completely unfounded charges that have not been proven in a court going
    back a considerable amount of time. It makes me question the CEO of Fox New and whether
    I can rely or trust any thing that come out of them any more. To say this stinks is a mild

    1. Donna says:

      Agree, If FOX becomes “milk toast” reporting following in the liberal Left extreme which I have picked up on one reporter, I will not be watching you …..If I wanted EXTREME left controlled media I would have been watching other channels like all Extremists do. A few years ago when we vacationed across the USA, every where we went, FOX news “was” the only channel we were seeing in public places which told me a lot about how the country was feeling. This was before Trump ever came on the scene. I’m sure if you continue to “kiss ass” of these women who are constantly bringing charges against men for “making a pass (in my day) or flirting with them” years previously, you will LOSE many, many patrons. Nothing is more disgusting to me than women who bring charges years later. I’m 73 and in my younger years if a man said something or touched in appropriately, they got told off or slapped. Grow a pair ladies and stand up for yourselves at the time of the incident, not just when it suits your “needs”. I worked in a hospital and all of us girls were being harassed by one doctor who thought he would get by with it. He came from behind and I saw him coming, when he made his move, I elbowed him in the solar plexus and promptly turned and said, “Oh, I’m sorry you startled me, I just reacted”. All the girls snickered and he never touched or said anything inappropriate to any of us again…. so stand up for yourselves “at the time”, not years later. Oh and I wasn’t fired, like one of the women claimed she was!!!! Oh and for the record my daughter experienced what these women claim happened to them, but she was actually being chased around her desk. She brought charges against her boss (AT THE TIME) and he apologized. She wasn’t fired but moved to another office. Moral to the story, I’m not buyin’ what they’re sellin. If you were raped or he forced himself on you in some way, then you have my support. Words should not be an issue, walk away or tell the SOB off!

  105. Norman says:

    If Hannity is also gone, I’m down to Lou Dobbs and OneAmericaNews (OANN). FOX is turning into a CNN clone and won’t be worth watching. Murdoch’s leftist sons will destroy the company.

  106. Chris says:

    Hannity is a vile piece of trash the way he lies through his teeth and treats anyone who might possibly disagree with him. I really do not miss him on my drive from Atlanta every week.

    1. Deborah says:

      Chris: You are an IDIOT…. blah, blah, blah… Figured U out right-away. Leftist snowflake… GET A JOB!!!

    2. Alicia says:

      You, dude, are a USEFUL IDIOT!

    3. I agree but he changed from being anti-Trump to pro-Trump within 24 hours. I was shocked but to make the shock worse Rush did the same thing in the same time period.

  107. Moparman says:

    This is being reported by the New York Marxist Times, so this doesn’t really mean much knowing their credibility. All whacked out conjecture by some guy named Peters.

  108. Paula says:

    There’s a thin line right now whether I would ever watch FOX NEWS again, but DEFINITELY, NEVER watch FOX NEWS again if you get rid of Hannity. You’re allowing the Liberals to take over. Shame on you!

  109. Dave In Arizona says:

    So, we have speculation and conjecture from The New York Times and MSNBC! Come on, Political Insider, get your crap together! You’re getting to be as bad as The Huffington Post.

  110. Adrian says:

    This is ridiculous. There is no reason Fox should ever fire Sean. He is popular. I have known him since 1986 and he is not a womanizer, but a devout Catholic and devoted husband and family man. His ratings are good and his show is entertaining. Get serious.

    Google “Two Minute Conservative” for more.

    1. Chris says:

      Devout Catholics do not lie all the time and treat people the way he does.

      1. Charlie says:

        And the Liberal peanut chimes in.

      2. Al says:

        Chris go back to licking MSMBC nuts you liberal sucking moron.

      3. Dave says:

        Krissy, are you a pro gay/pro abortion Catholic?

  111. Doug says:

    I will stay to see Lou Dobbs and I like Shannon Bream

  112. Pat says:

    I quit watching Fox some time ago because it is becoming like all the other Liberal news media. Fox used to be the only one where we felt we were getting both sides of an issue without being indoctrinated and lied to for the Liberal’s political agenda. Too bad there is no true news outlet available to us where just the news is reported without any particular slant for either side. Just the facts is all I desire.

    1. Norman says:

      Go to OneAmericaNews (OANN). It’s the only honest and balanced news channel remaining; the rest have all embraced Marxism and globalism.

  113. HOFFHACK says:

    Sean isn’t going anywhere! This is just the Liberal losers on the other networks fantasizing about getting rid of people who tell the truth and limit their power! I think that if they did get rid of Sean, he and O’reilly could start their own cable network and kick Fox’s ass!

  114. Tricia says:

    No Sean Hannity not Fox news for me! The statement in the article re:propaganda i.e. give me a break all the news on every channel is Soros’ based propagandized verbage! Additionally if it’s shown that O’Reilly was wrongly accused, or, accused by snowflakes that’s b.s. and I am a woman who was married to a drunken abusive husband. Get over it females! Bunch of biased reporting I will watch RT and dump all the network news!!!

  115. Desert Fox says:

    Let’s get down to brass tacks and look at who is behind the attacks on the conservatives and where they were initiated. If Fox is changing direction they will be losing more viewership.

  116. mimilady40 says:

    I will not continue to watch Fox if they do not remain fair to everyone in their news. I believe letting Bill O’Reilly go was a mistake and liberals are behind it. I would like to see more proof. It is surprising to me that this only now has surfaced. I will only watch the segments that are fair.

  117. Greg says:

    I think Bill and Sean could start their own TV network and own the talk show airwaves in less than 4 years.

  118. David says:

    murdoch youngsters appear to be true arsholes.

  119. JERRY says:


  120. Ray says:

    I always watched Fox News and appreciated O’Reilly but not Hannity who talks too much, speaks repetitively and really knows little and misunderstands too much. Tucker seems O.K. but is no O’Reilly. I will keep watching Fox and MSNBC both as I have done in the past to hear both sides of a story.

  121. Celeste says:

    I am so sad that the campaign to get O’Reilly off the air worked. The Murdochs were overwhelmed with the hatchet job by Media Matters and George Soros and they aren’t done yet. I look for Hannity to go, then Tucker Carlson and who knows who’s next.

    They have no spine.

  122. Tami says:

    Pretty soon they’ll be just like CNN!

  123. Gail says:

    If you have read the book, “Hillary’s Secret War”, you would have a good understanding what forces are at play in what is happening at Fox. The book outlines from the beginning of the internet Hillary has tried to shut down the free speech of internet websites. Hillary and all who support her are working tirelessly to shut down free speech in the USA, once the media and internet are controlled by folks like Hillary they know they will not be stopped in the future. Sad truth we are living in a world where freedom is slowly being destroyed. Once we can not trust the media for the truth we will be at the mercy of the liars and cheats all best friends with Hillary and Obama!

    1. Gail says:

      My comment still awaiting moderation? Is that the same as being censorship? Just asking.

  124. william says:

    If they can Hannity, I wonder what Fox News Network would look like in a years time? Would they still be number one?

  125. Yesterday Glenn Beck warned that now the left has successfully gotten rid of O’Reilly, Hannity will be next…and guess what we hear today? More importantly, this had nothing to do with the Murdochs, per se….it was THEIR WIVES who demanded Bill go! So now the question is, who the hell is running Fox, the Murdochs, or their feminazi wives?

    This is getting out of hand…perhaps the best thing for our favored conservatives is to start their own network and the hell with Fox. If it’s being run by feminazis, then the game is over. Next we’ll see them dressed in vagina costumes interviewing with Jesse Waters!

    I’m basically done with Fox myself now. They blew it big time. This all started because of Kirsten Powers getting pissed off over a blonde joke! Feminazis have destroyed our society.

  126. Eileen says:

    I have already sent a message to Fox outlining how contemptible I feel their actions are concerning O’Reilly. I have “unfollowed” all Fox shows from my Facebook page. I no longer intend to watch any Fox programming.

    Fox has cooked its own goose! Millions of Americans will leave Fox and they will be but a shadow of their former selves. You cannot have liberal progressive owners/managers of a conservative leaning news network! Media Matters and George Soros plus Democrats and liberal biased media are in cahoots to destroy the last vestiges of right-wing news. Wake up Americans before it is too late!

  127. Robert says:

    I am about done with FOX

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