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What’s Your Reaction?


  1. Timothy says:

    Now there’s the difference between a Christian and a Marxist. We Christians…”pray for them that despitefully use you and persecute you”…we share the gospel of our Lord, that you might know the truth and the truth shall set you free. We don’t kill you if you reject Him but instead, just leave. Vice president Pence is a professed Christian whose behavior reflects that profession by his actions as opposed to some who might only make the claim to obtain votes. Pence also has a passion for the rule of law through our constitution which can be demonstrated through the study of its history to be our law of how the government should conduct itself based on the Gospel of Jesus Christ. When the bible is forbidden in our institutions of learning, the constitution becomes a snare to wicked men, who will then vow to kill the men who defend the snare to their Marxism. This punk had to outright lie when he took his oath at joining our military and should receive a “dishonorable discharge” and face the teeth of our just laws surrounding the threat to murder a duly elected official.

  2. Marilyn says:

    All the rest of the idiots (Hollyweirdo’s) should be arrested too when they threaten Trump. I heard recently the libturd McConnell said he wants to take Trump out so he should be arrested too! Idiots, there everywhere!

  3. Robert says:

    Get the Libtards out of the military along with all the homo’s and transgenders.

  4. Philo says:

    Robert Dunbar is more proof that we need to be MUCH more picky about who we let in the military, law enforcement, etc. Someone this idiotic and brainwashed has no business in any position of power and or given firearms. IF he does have mental issues, that is even more reason he should be in some type of care facility, not in the military/police/etc.

    On top of that, many people have mental issues, or combat veterans with PTSD, and still know the difference between right and wrong…and would know better than to go around threatening people especially the president or vice president. You notice there is no massive uproar if a lefty threatens someone, like what always happened when someone threatened Obama and the media exploded…

  5. Johnny says:

    I know without a Doubt that this young man deserve’s what he receive’s for his threat against the Vice President. But why wasn’t Madonna arrested for her threat against the whole White House ?? There have been many threats against President Donald Trump. Why wasn’t these people arrested?? Just because someone has clout or a celebrity that doesn’t make them a PFC ( Private Fu—king Character). It’ a sad thing when a Country has two sets of LAWS !!!!!!

    1. Philo says:

      @Johnny agreed. The lefts double standard is complete BS and treasonous, just like they are.

  6. dynamo47 says:

    This young man just ruined the remainder of his life. This will be his downfall in anything he attempts to do in the future. A dishonourable discharge is a mark on your record that will never go away, besides whatever punishment the laws require he receives for his ill advised comment.

  7. Janet says:

    Well I’m more disappointed than surprised. I have witnessed so many evil things done by people who we all have thought were true patriots who have sworn allegiance to our country and our safety and turned around and done the most despicable things imaginable and they had us completely fooled about their true nature. Nothing surprises me anymore.

    1. Marilyn Monroe says:

      Janet. He probably has mental health issues. It’s probably more mental health issues than him being an actual terrorist.

      1. Mark says:

        A lot of us who have served have mental health issues. Especially those of us who have been in combat (and many national guard units have been deployed to Iraq or Afghanistan). I didn’t like Obama. However, that does not mean I wanted to kill him or vice president Biden even if I disagreed with them (ps…Biden’s son served two tours in Iraq and wound up contracting cancer and Died). Having differences does not give us the right to murder people we disagree with.

      2. Johnny says:

        I served in Vietnam and have PTSD, but that doesn’t mean I have a mental health problem. PTSD in my case, is acquired by being in combat, being in a life and death situation for a long period of time.
        Just because I have PTSD doesn’t mean I don’t know right from wrong. I feel sure this young man knew right from wrong and what he said was wrong and against the law, now he must accept what his punishment is !!!!!

  8. Fred says:

    mike pence is a good man thank you people who reported this to law inforcement

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