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Liberals Spread Lie About Mike Pence and Hurricane Katrina Funding

It’s bizarre to see some of my liberal friends praising disaster relief as an example of a socialist success story. They seem to be under the impression that the government spending money on anything is the criteria for “socialism,” which is not the definition of the word. The definition of socialism is the government having ownership over the means of production (land, labor, capital).

I have yet to meet a conservative who doesn’t think there’s a role for funding the government to help clean up the disaster from natural disasters like Hurricane Harvey, but that doesn’t stop liberals from trying to portray conservatives as heartless. And among those they’re targeting?  None other than Vice President Mike Pence, whom they’re accusing of having voting against aid to help victims of Hurricane Katrina during the Bush Administration.

The (fake) story originated on the left-wing site Daily Kos, where Democratic operative Scott Dworkin wrote a blog titled, “WATCH: Pence Plead With Congress to Not Fund Hurricane Katrina Relief.”

A number of celebrity idiots were quick to pick up on the story and run with it:

So let’s get some context here. In the video, Pence states “Let’s figure out how we’re gonna pay for Katrina spending. Congress must ensure that a catastrophe of this nature does not become a catastrophe of debt for our children and grandchildren.”

That statement is the basis alone for the claim that Pence was opposed to funding disaster relief for Katrina. That’s it: concern about government waste.

Anyone who claimed that Pence opposed Katrina relief is simply lying. In fact, Pence tackled spending cuts only after the Katrina relief effort got the money it needed…. a statement he makes explicitly clear in the video Dworkin posted but apparently listened to selectively.

Of course, the truth of the matter is extremely simple to obtain: Simply look at how lawmakers voted when it came time to fund disaster relief for Katrina. There’s a reason Dworkin didn’t do that. Here’s why: The House voted 410-11 for $51.8 billion in relief without any spending cuts attached – and Pence was among those voting in favor.

Pence literally voted in favor of the bill only hours after the clip Dworkin circulated claiming he opposed it.

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