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WATCH: Insane Footage Of Thug Shooting Cop At Point-Blank Range

If anybody needs a reminder of the violent threats police officers face every moment of every day they need to see this incredible video.

On New Year’s Day 2016, South Carolina Police Officer Quincy Smith was responding to a call about a man snatching groceries from store customers and attempted to stop the suspect, when suddenly something went very wrong.

According to The Sun:

The officer was shot several times by gunman Malcolm Orr after threatening to taser him for refusing to stop in Estill, South Carolina.

Incredible footage shows Smith confronting the suspected thief before being shot several times and falling to the ground.

Brave Smith manages to make his way back to his police car, and the footage captures his agonising wait for paramedics and fellow officers to reach him.

The camera shows his hands covered with blood as he operates the radio, telling the force control room he’s been hit.

Despite suffering two broken arms and a “life threatening” neck injury, Smith manages to stay calm and professional.

A court heard he had bought the special glasses camera himself.

This incident shows how quickly things can turn sideways for a cop on patrol and why they are always on guard no matter the situation.

When there is an officer-involved shooting, critics always ask why the cops fired so many bullets, why they couldn’t just aim for an arm or a leg, or why they didn’t just use a taser. This video, which shows Officer Smith being shot as he threatens to tase his suspect, will help answer those questions.

This is the opposite kind of police shooting video we typically see on the news – WATCH:

Estill Officer-involved Shooting

WARNING: Some viewers may find this video disturbing. It shows the moment a man opened fire on a Lowcountry police officer back in 2016. The officer survived, and now the suspect has been sentenced to prison. More details: http://bit.ly/2utEpbr
*Video courtesy: 14th Circuit Solicitor's Office

Posted by WCIV | ABC News 4 on Thursday, August 10, 2017

Thank God, despite being hit four times and suffering significant injuries, Officer Smith survived the shooting.

Orr was sentenced to 35 years in jail for attempted murder and possession of a weapon during the commission of a violent crime. He’s lucky he’s not on death row for murdering a cop.




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