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Hillary Clinton Aides Threaten IRS Audit for Prime Minister’s Son

It’s taking years to dig through all the corruption from Hillary Clinton’s time at the State Department.

The “pay to play” was on a scale never seen before in American politics, she illegally used a private email server to transmit classified intelligence, and made millions in speaking fees from corrupt sources.

She is also solely responsible for the failure in Benghazi.

Now, we just learned that while serving as America’s top diplomat she and her aides threatened a South Asian prime minister’s son with an IRS audit.

This is absolutely shameful:

Hillary Clinton’s Department of State aides allegedly threatened a South Asian prime minister’s son with an IRS audit in an attempt to stop a Bangladesh government investigation of a close friend and donor of Clinton’s, The Daily Caller News Foundation’s Investigative Group learned.

A Bangladesh government commission was investigating multiple charges of financial mismanagement at Grameen Bank, beginning in May 2012. Muhammad Yunus, a major Clinton Foundation donor, served as managing director of the bank.

Sajeeb Wazed Joy, son of Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina and permanent U.S. resident, recalled the account of the threatened IRS audit to TheDCNF. The allegations mark the first known instance in the U.S. that Clinton’s Department of State used IRS power to intimidate a close relative of a friendly nation’s head of state on behalf of a Clinton Foundation donor.

The IRS is not to be used as a political tool. We saw how the Obama Administration used the tax collecting agency to monitor conservative Tea Party organizations. Clearly, Hillary was happy to use the IRS for similar reasons.

This is a criminal abuse of power, and another reminder that Hillary Clinton should never never been running for President. The foundation and her work at the State Department was all about funding her presidential ambitions.

It’s time for the Justice Department and the FBI to indict Hillary. This type of behavior is unacceptable.



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