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Gun Control Supporters Get Owned At Their Own Rally

You can always feel safe arguing with liberals at a gun control rally – it’s not like they’re going to shoot you or anything.

I’ve always maintained that gun control’s opponents have the upper hand in the gun control debate because they tend to actually know a thing or two about guns. You never see a gun control opponent embarrass themselves by making reference to “30 magazine clips” or “AR-15 shotguns.”

During a student-led rally at the University of Texas at Austin to ban guns on campus, some dissenters came to protest. Watch as gun control advocates get completely obliterated by facts and logic during that rally below:

That was too funny. What is it about liberals lacking any relevant knowledge about what they’re protesting?

Believe it or not, there are some intelligent cases for minimal gun control out there. They’re wrong – but such cases exist.

The only thing worse than an ignorant liberal is an ignorant liberal college student. Our universities are hopelessly devoid of critical thinking skills, and it shows in videos like this.



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