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  1. Bobby says:

    There’s disrespecting all over the place. So why not make it a point to everyone in the USA and not just the NFL. NFL is just getting more attention because millions of people are watching. Put out a national ad for respecting the flag everywhere. I read that there are different laws in different states regarding flag usage. But I think people should be more concerned about respecting the rights of American individuals than just only respecting soley a great symbol that gave us the freedom to actually do these things. How about we make a national effort to stop Kid Rock….and manufacturers that appear to disrespect the flag. I guess we don’t because they have rights tjust like everyone else. https://pbs.twimg.com/media/DMbuNzZVAAAynDC.jpg

  2. larrym2 says:

    They can take a knee… we can take a stand. Speak with your wallets!

  3. Art says:

    GREAT NEWS for all the people who have fought and died for this Nation’s Flag and Anthem and for all the police officers out there who bust their asses every day while trying to make America safe.
    Because nobody else would put up with your crap!!!

  4. Edwina says:

    Good for him—thank goodness there are still patriots who will not back this anti-American stand by the NFL players and their cowardly commissioner, coaches and owners!!

  5. Dave says:

    Now it Really begins. Advertisers are beginning to pull out. GREAT!!! Start losing all those advertising dollars and at some point the owners will get the message-Disrespecting our flag and country will NOT be tolerated.

  6. Esau says:

    Now that the ratings are gone, every advertiser will be reconsidering its commitments to NFL TV coverage and rightly so. Conservative, Liberal, whatever, this is now a matter of dollars and cents. Ad time on these broadcasts are a declining commodity. The advertisers are going to ask for deep discounts or they are gonna walk. Indeed, Money Does Talk, and Bull$#!+ Does Walk. And the NFL, the owners, the coaching staffs, the front offices and most importantly the players are full of it.

  7. Chris says:

    “This is a devastating financial loss for the NFL.”

    Whoever wrote this pieces is an idiot. It is a LOCAL advertiser for the Jets and Giants games. It does NOTHING to hurt the NFL, only the local companies. And even then, the loss of advertising revenue will be filled by someone else, so there is no loss.

    If people that read this site are boycotting the NFL because they THINK/FEEL the Anthem is being disrespected, then I want them to think about this.

    1. The NFL has done much more egregious things to this country by holding local governments hostage for BILLIONS of your tax dollars so they can make money for themselves. Yet, you do not boycott the NFL over this?

    2. The NFL has covered up concussion research and continues to shaft players who are suffering from CTE, as well as other life-long debilitating injuries, all incurred on behalf of your entertainment and their profits. Yet, you do not boycott the NFL over this?

    If you really want to boycotting over a peaceful protest over systemic racial discrimination and inequity, yet are willing to ignore the issues above, please sit down with your priests/ministers/rabbis, etc and have a real heart to heart conversation. Admit that the real issue is that any discussion of race makes you feel uncomfortable.

    And please don’t use the tired response “but our soldiers fought and died for this flag and this is disrespect.” My Grandfather served in France in WWI and spent a year in the hospital recovering from his injuries. My Father served in WWII and Korea, and was 100% disabled because of his service. My brother and I both served in Peacetime. We all served to protect all of our rights under the constitution.

    And don’t think for a minute all of the casualties our have suffered in Iraq and Afghanistan were to defend our flag. You cannot be that naive.

    1. Bobby says:

      I was thinking the same thing. At first I was like, who is this automobile company. Never heard of them. Huge hit my ass. This is just to get everyone thinking the same thing…if they can do it well I can cancel my NFL. Booohooo. The players aren’t hurting anybody, they aren’t supporting terrorists….they are peacefully making awareness of the condition of injustince our once great nation. NFL is a great American sports with players who have American rights just like us. The military didn’t sacrifice for our great flag….they sacrifice for our rights. So we can have opinions and protests a song, symbol, etc.to bring awareness that we have to be united with or without a flag. Even though this article may be true, it is just another smear tactic against the NFL during this controversial time.

      1. Bobby says:

        Well said. And I agree with you with how the NFL and commissioner takes advantage with their monetary power, treats players unjustly, mishandling domestic abuse cases, etc. Yeah boycott them for that.

  8. Don says:

    Will not watch anymore NFL until the disrespect stops. Cancelled my NFL mobile subscription and asked for my money back.

  9. This is about respect for our county and those that have made the supreme sacrifice. NFL players are just spoiled brats that make a lot of money. They are doing more to promote racism than any other action I have seen. Shame on them.I can only wonder how our NFL players would handle being in our military in defense of our country. Thank god for our Veterans. I will not watch NFL. I will not blame our President for the actions of those who have never served. Let them at least take responsibility for their bad behavior. Children blame others

  10. Robert says:

    The NFL had better take notice and clean up it’s act when it comes to spoiled Millionaire players who take our country for grated. Good for Mr. Kalafer. More like him should follow his lead. I didn’t watch any games this weekend either. So there NFL. Take that.

  11. Larry says:

    Thank Ovomit for all of this, the divider in chief that he was. It will take many years to repair the damages that raghead impostor caused. This is only one of those damages.

  12. David says:

    You can not say it is not disrespect for the flag when all others stand up to show respect ,,while they do the opposite. If you want to show disrespect be man enough to admit what you are doing.

  13. karen says:

    Good…..! Amen! Can’t afford their hefty salaries; appetites; etc., time for them to get drafted, join the military and fight like real men and women by defending our country, rights and liberties that blood was shed for; which these spoiled ninnies indulge in..And this is the thanks we get while they make their millions?
    Their gesture is ‘in your face America’ !

  14. Judy says:

    I refuse to have the games on, buy any more tickets, and absolutely will no longer buy any products or companies that support these Fu-king Losers!!!!! They need to send all the fools back to a country that refuses to abide by traditions of the country!!! Keep all this going until the nfl is broke!!!!

  15. Don says:

    The liberal coalition does not care and in fact will scoff at this but eventually it will get the attention of the top of the ladder. …..maybe

  16. Mike says:

    I wonder if the owners will file a lawsuit against the players and coaches involved as well as the NFL Players Union to recover all of the money they have already lost and the loss of future revenues. All of the people signed a contract with the NFL when they joined – there are sections pertaining to codes of conduct in those contracts. As they have violated those codes and caused the NFL much embarrassment – loss of fans and revenues it would seem the players and coaches would be liable. If the owners win the right to collect there will be a lot of players having their homes foreclosed on – “toys” repossessed and they may be forced into bankruptcy. This thing is just getting started. As someone else posted in the past few days “The NFL is dead – it died of Colin cancer.”

  17. Kathy says:

    Kneel, sit, or lock arms, they are still protesting.
    Sponsors should pull out and players forfeit that game or may be fired and loose their jobs. They are a bunch of over paid pompous punks, who have been coddled for most of their lives
    Many have been awful roll models. The NFL is a disgrace to our country.

  18. Henry says:

    Make is redundant. Then they can protest while living under the bridges with the poor.

  19. Dan says:

    This is good. All advertisers should pull the plug on the NFL until they start respecting Our Flag and Our National Anthem.

  20. Carol says:

    STOP GOING!!!!! Then they will get the Message. Loud and Clear Butch of Half Wits!

  21. Richard says:

    There are a lot of people who believe the same as this gentleman, I am sorry to see that the stands look like they are still full. So much for their hypocritical comments that I read all the time. If the stands were empty, then the NFL ownership and managers might listen, but as long they see those people still sitting in the stands, they could care less. It’s kind of like people voting. Look at Arizona with McCain and Flake, Wisconsin in Ryan’s district, Kentucky for McCollum and the list goes on. What fakes we have or should I call them flakes?

  22. Gene says:

    Our previous president got all this anti-police, anti-white frenzy started, and then moved on to his own coup efforts.

    1. Marilyn says:

      You are VERY twisted. Our PRESENT president, you say? We had EIGHT HORRIBLE years of Obama’s dividing this country and you are sick enough to blame it on Trump who just got here.

      This is exactly what I expect of liberal fascists

    2. Marilyn says:


      MY BAD…so sorry…I take it all back.

      1. Juan says:

        Marilyn, that was real nice of you to apologize, Not too many commenters would do it. My hat is off to you. God bless.

  23. Brian says:

    Enough is enough. Put the ungrateful, pond scum parasites out of business by activating he Selective Service Draft and decimating the NFL by taking their overpaid under performing ingrates into an environment that WILL teach them the value of honor and then duties and obligations, responsibilities and accountabilities. Extend that service to members of Congress as well since damned FEW of them have any such concepts and: IT SHOWS IN EVERYTHING THEY SAY AND DO!

  24. AngB says:

    If you want to watch football watch COLLEGE! NFL used to have some standards but that no longer exists. HALF of those players have CRIMINAL records! That USED to get you fired but now…all the owners want is money. Criminals are NOT ROLL MODELS.

    Let the NFL die. If profession football survives….then they need to form a NEW league and go BACK to the way it used to be. Get arrested…GET FIRED. To HELL with the NFL!

  25. Howard says:

    ……and Budweiser has an 800 #? Get those Clydesdales off the NFL! What’s the question? Frigging Belgium beers.

  26. James says:

    It is just what the doctor ordered for the NFL to regain a sense of reality. I won’t watch the NFL or buy any sponsor products in the foreseeable future.

  27. Davison says:

    You know, it really doesn’t matter if they stand, sit, or lie down. None of them care about saluting our flag and country anyway. They are hypocrites if they are forced to do the honors. Doesn’t anyone realize this? These players have an agenda and that is the “hate whitey” agenda. They have no idea why they hate whitey. But, that doesn’t matter. It’s the hate that counts. I for one couldn;t care less if they hate me. I want nothing to do with them either.

  28. Duane says:

    The NFL has been out of touch for a while. They sound like far left liberal activists who give the majority of Americans the middle finger.

    1. James says:

      Since Roger Goodell became commissioner, they have transformed into left-wing (not liberal) activists.

  29. NeeNee says:

    AWESOME AND TRULY AN AMERICAN. I hope more businesses follow suit.

  30. Bruce says:

    Apparently the author doesn’t understand that Flemington Car and Truck Country is a local advertiser and doesn’t effect the NFL but rather the local TV station(s) in his area. The revenue goes to the station, not the NFL. In fact, advertising money goes either to the local station or the network carrying the game. This is a meaningless gesture except for the station(s) in his area of New Jersey-New York.

  31. Philip says:

    I saw my brother Sunday. He cooks at a restaurant/bar and grill. He said he no longer had to work a double shift on Sundays. The owner is no longer opening on Sunday for football games, and is not showing NFL games at any time. My brother is ecstatic. He gets Sundays off. He said, “Thanks, spoiled millionaires!”

  32. Steve says:

    Great news. Hope they loose all their advertisers. There is an 800 number to call and tell Budweiser what you think of these protests. I would encourage everyone to look it up on the internet and make the call. Bud is a huge sponsor! Losing Bud might just be what it takes to wake the owners and the players up!?

  33. Boxer531 says:

    NFL Athletes have little in common with the “common people” who watch their games and support their ridiculous salaries through pay TV, and NFL Merchandise. I am happy that consumers and major advertisers have made their feelings known, using the “power of the purse”.
    Major Universities who brainwash young men and women with politically correct nonsense, are seeing their application numbers fall.
    As one of the “common people” I believe both of the above, are a step in the right direction.
    Hollywood should be next on the list!

  34. Peter says:

    This is what you get for your stupity.

  35. Maryann Witt says:

    Im waiting to see what Budweiser,AB does, they should pull their support

  36. Doc says:

    Thank you for this action which reflects what real Patriots are thinking and the way a large part of our sport people will respond. We watch Sports for Sports…not Political statements by our heroes some of which already have brain damage…which goes with football. It is a pity for the numbers attending, watching and caring is dropping fast. I admire those who see this venue no longer as a good investment for advertising, much less watching.

  37. Wilbur says:

    good job kill them traitors

    1. Bruce says:

      Kill them? this is why the right is not respected by the bulk of the the American people.

      1. AngB says:

        Agree it was a dumb comment but you are WRONG about the so called right being despised by over half the country. WE ARE OVER HALF THE COUNTRY and MORE are coming over to OUR side EVERY DAY. Americans are TIRED of the insanity of the left.

      2. Raquel says:

        AngB – There are many patriotic Democrats as well who abhor this disrespect to the Flag and the National Anthem. The NFL used to be a venue where both sides came together to just enjoy watching the game, a unifying event. No longer, as long as the players continue this disgusting display.

      3. Marilyn says:

        BULK of the American people? OMG…is that reason he was elected and not the Hildabeast.

      4. Kkmoderate says:

        Your reply to Wilbur was totally off topic so that you could take aim at the right. He said JOB KILL not kill people! That’s the problem with all liberal discourse you pervert conversation and facts to fit your narrative. While we’re mentioning hate how about your associate (attorney) at CBS? No sympathy for country concert goers? Wow! Now that’s digging deep into insensitivity and not even a misunderstanding of the meaning!

      5. Linda says:

        Well, dear one let’stalk about the left….ambushing cops, shooting Representatives Congressmen & Senator while their playing baseball. Shall I go on? Blinders on, brainwashed, stupid Dems & Liberals. Running around the streets protesting the election of Trump. LOL You’d rather have a Criminal in office. You’re like a bunch of bad kids mad because you didn’t get candy at the grocery. You’re PITIFUL excuses for human beings. I think you all are drinking the Kool Aid.

  38. phillip says:

    I only hope and Pray that more Americans pull they’re advertising dollars from these
    over paid athletes who have lost all repect for what gave them this opportunity.

  39. Joe says:

    Something else we all need to do… Boycott the liberal snow cone machines we call universities. When choosing a school, make sure it’s not a libtard indoctrination center churning out snowflakes who hate America.

  40. Sam says:

    Good for Flemington Car and Truck, I’d drive all the way from Jacksonville to support a business that feels the way I do – respect the Flag, stand during the National Anthem and don’t interlock arms, take off your cap and put your right hand over your heart the way is supposed to be. America IS going to win this controversy, even if it takes the whole nfl down!

  41. Kim says:

    good for them…maybe now the NFL will listen; if they don’t, nobody will watch…hit those players where it hurts – their pockets…

  42. Phil says:

    Good on you, Flemington Car and Truck Country! Hopefully the beer companies will follow suit!

    Phil in TX

  43. William says:

    When a significant number of Americans turn their backs on the maggot brains that insist on wrongly acting out.

    1. William says:

      …the NFL will finally “get it”.

  44. Yadja says:

    Excellent and we need all to do the same thing.

  45. Herman says:

    Good for Flemington . I make it a point to pass over advertised items in the grocery store if I remember them being affiliated with a football related ad. Budweiser are you listening?

  46. Maria says:

    Let US/WE make a strong stand on boycotting everything NFL, not just stop going, turning on the games, how about stop purchasing NFL merchandise, how about making a difference on groceries to support watching those games, we EAT a lot while watching those games…… here is something the beer industry, party places, grocery stores count on big time….. SUPER BOWL SUNDAY….. one of the soda and beer “SUPER BOWL HOLIDAY” money makers. We need to take a STRONG stand to boycott from now and all the way through SUPER BOWL SUNDAY 2018. NO PARTY!!!!!

  47. Ronald says:


  48. Nick says:

    Not enough. The free ride on the tax payers has to end. No more deeply subsidized stadiums no more rent free games, no more not for profit status for what is a multi billion dollar money machine.

  49. Marvin says:

    The righteous are rising and putting the politically correct in their rightful place … at the bottom.

  50. Mari says:

    Great & hope other sponsors continue to follow your lead!


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