NFL owners, coaches, and players all thought fans were not serious when we said we would pull our viewership if players continued to disrespect the National Anthem and American flag. Well, that time has come.

On Tuesday, DirectTV offered subscribers a refund of their 300-dollar NFL season package with no questions asked following the kneeling controversy. Many individuals got their money back.

But it didn’t stopped there.

The Palmetto Alehouse in South Carolina has chosen to stop showing NFL games on Sunday. The restaurant is sending a message to the NFL: They need us, but we don’t need them.

“NFL will never be played at Palmetto Alehouse until all players pay respect to our flag and our country!!!” alehouse owner David McCraw told FOX Carolina. McCraw is an ex-military member, and he called the players both “entitled” and “arrogant individuals.”

That wasn’t all. Fat Tuesdays, a restaurant in Fairfax, Virginia, announced that it would cease showing NFL games on the eatery’s TVs on Sunday. “On our end we’re probably foolish to do this but we are gonna lose business over this but on the other hand enough is enough,” said owner RL Butler.

I totally understand the feeling. People should be angry. Enough is enough. The problem here is the NFL just keeps digging the hole bigger and bigger. It would be great if people would stay home, and turn off the television in a big way, but some people are so football crazy they’ll keep watching anyway.

My favorite are those who say they will just watch college ball. Apparently, they haven’t been paying attention. This protest will soon spread to that sport too.

I think the real fear is that people truly don’t know what to do with the added free time they will have absent football. For years football has claimed their lives, time, and wallets. I laugh when I go into the grocery store and see big cardboard displays about getting ready for the game. I can eat snacks without a game.

It would be great if people would stay in the parking lot and tailgate as Americans while the players play to an empty arena, but that won’t happen.

Outside of Trump winning, just for once I would like to see America united over something – just one thing – to stick it to these snowflakes. But I know that is asking for too much.

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