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Rep. Ron DeSantis Presents Amendment To End Mueller Investigation

As the investigation into the Trump campaign’s ties with Russia heats up, and Mueller continues to dig into the president’s business history, one GOP lawmaker is taking steps to end this witch-hunt once and for all.

Rep. Ron DeSantis is sick of the ongoing investigation. And he’s introducing an amendment to end funding of the Mueller investigation after 180 days.

Source: The Hill

A Republican lawmaker has put forth an amendment that would stop funding for the special counsel’s Russia investigation 180 days after it becomes law.

The amendment from Rep. Ron DeSantis (R-Fla.) would also prevent special counsel Robert Mueller from probing “matters occurring before June 2015,” which is the month Trump announced his presidential bid.

The amendment was submitted as part of the upcoming spending package the lower chamber is expected to weigh after the congressional recess.

Some on Twitter were questioning DeSantis:


If you ask anyone using common sense, they will tell you that the Mueller investigation is becoming suspect. You don’t devote this much time and this many resources into something and not turn up a lick of incriminating evidence by now.

The more I think about it, the more I feel this is just another scheme by Democrats to waste government funds. This investigation has gone nowhere in months. And Democrats won’t let it go because they want Trump impeached. If you are a Democrat these days you are innocent of anything but if you are a Republican, you are guilty of anything.

The Mueller investigation is a stalemate that never had any grounds to start. Former FBI Director James Comey stole information and gave it to someone outside the FBI to create the investigation because the whole story was growing cold. Comey should be persecuted for stealing FBI files. We need to find out exactly how much more information he gave away or sold. This investigation needs to be over-NOW.



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